20 Facts About Dover


Dover is a town and major ferry port in Kent, South East England.

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Port of Dover provides much of the town's employment, as does tourism including to the landmark White Cliffs of Dover.

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The French control of Dover lasted for a period of 3 months after which the English troops were able to push back and force the French to surrender and return to France.

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Dover has a partly preserved Roman lighthouse and the remains of a villa with preserved Roman wall paintings.

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Higher land on either side of the valley – the Western Heights and the eastern high point on which Dover Castle stands – has been adapted to perform the function of protection against invaders.

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Dover has an oceanic climate similar to the rest of the United Kingdom with mild temperatures year-round and a light amount of rainfall each month.

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MRCC Dover is charged with co-ordination of civil maritime search and rescue within these waters.

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Dover has two long distance footpaths: the Saxon Shore Way and the North Downs Way.

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The walking routes from Dover pass the National Trust visitor centre on the landmark chalk cliffs overlooking the English Channel with views of France visible on a clear day.

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Port of Dover is a 20-minute walk from Dover Priory railway station.

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Dover is on the Stagecoach Diamond network providing links to Canterbury and Deal.

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The Western Docks at the port of Dover are served from the town centre as well as Canterbury and Deal.

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Dover is the start of The Wave network to New Romney via Folkestone, Hythe and Dymchurch.

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Dover lifeboat is a Severn class lifeboat based in the Western Docks.

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Dover College is a mixed public school founded in 1871 by a group of local business men.

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Dover has one local commercial radio station, KMFM Shepway and White Cliffs Country, broadcasting to Dover on 106.

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Dover is served by the county-wide stations Heart, Gold and BBC Radio Kent.

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Dover is the host of a variety of watersports; such as paddle-boarding and kayaking.

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Dover appears several times in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

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Dover's wrote the song following a visit to Dover by train and sitting on the seafront promenade.

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