31 Facts About BBC Radio

1. BBC Radio apologised for underpaying former China editor Carrie Gracie and reached an agreement over her back pay.

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2. BBC Radio Sounds is a collection of the broadcaster's live and on-demand radio, as well as music and podcasts in one place.

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3. BBC Radio unveiled a new audio streaming app as part of the corporation's plans to "reinvent" the broadcaster "for a new generation".

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4. BBC Radio published its long-awaited review into pay arrangements for on-air presenters, editors and correspondents.

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5. BBC Radio has long faced accusations of liberal and left-wing bias.

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6. BBC Radio has faced various accusations regarding many topics: the Iraq war, politics, ethics and religion, as well as funding and staffing.

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7. The BBC Radio developed several computers throughout the 1980s, most notably the BBC Micro, which ran alongside the corporation's educational aims and programming.

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8. BBC Radio services in the dependencies are financed from television licence fees which are set at the same level as those payable in the UK, although collected locally.

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9. Since 2008, all the BBC Radio channels are available to watch online through the BBC iPlayer service.

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10. BBC Radio operates several news gathering centres in various locations around the world, which provide news coverage of that region to the national and international news operations.

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11. BBC Radio uses advertising campaigns to inform customers of the requirement to pay the licence fee.

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12. The BBC Radio carries out surveillance on properties (under the auspices of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) and may conduct searches of a property using a search warrant.

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13. BBC Radio pursues its licence fee collection and enforcement under the trading name "TV Licensing".

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14. In October 1985, the BBC Radio announced that it would stop the vetting process, except for a few people in top roles, as well as those in charge of Wartime Broadcasting Service emergency broadcasting and staff in the BBC World Service.

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15. BBC Radio is a statutory corporation, independent from direct government intervention, with its activities being overseen from April 2017 by the BBC Board and regulated by Ofcom.

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16. In January 2007, the BBC Radio released minutes of the board meeting which led to Greg Dyke's resignation.

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17. Thus the BBC Radio was granted sufficient leeway to pursue the Government's objectives largely in a manner of its own choosing.

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18. The BBC Radio was banned from presenting news bulletins before 19.00 and was required to source all news from external wire services.

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19. BBC Radio was going to wipe the Monty Python series to re-use the tapes.

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20. The BBC Radio now owns the rights to the iconic police box.

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21. In 1957, the BBC Radio aired an April Fools segment showing a family harvesting spaghetti from the family spaghetti tree.

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22. BBC Radio has exclusive rights to the next three men's and women's Ashes series, both home and away.

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23. BBC Radio has exclusive rights to the next three men and women's Ashes series, both home and away.

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24. BBC Radio expounded firm principles of centralised, all-encompassing radio broadcasting, stressing programming standards and moral tone.

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25. BBC Radio hired many out-of-work broadcasting staff who had come from the former offshore stations.

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26. BBC Radio could broadcast news as it happened, which newspapers could not do.

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27. BBC Radio quickly became popular anywhere signals could be heard, but how best to utilize the medium—what to place on the air, or to "program"—remained to be seen.

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28. BBC Radio can employ a boundless plethora of sound and music effects to entertain and enthrall listeners.

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29. BBC Radio was suddenly facing major challenges from local and independent radio stations and had to come up with new programmes to combat the challenge.

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30. BBC Radio shows still rely on you to know when they are on—although BBC Sounds does let you maintain lists of those you don't want to miss.

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31. BBC Radio is an operational business division and service of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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