47 Facts About British Airways

1. British Airways is to leave its own terminal at New York's JFK airport and move in with its alliance partner, American Airlines.

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2. British Airways confirmed to Simple Flying that the trial period was just a trial, and it would not be rolled out in the future.

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3. British Airways provides cargo services under the British Airways World Cargo brand.

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4. British Airways owned Airways Aero Association, the operator of the British Airways flying club based at Wycombe Air Park in High Wycombe, until it was sold to Surinder Arora in 2007.

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5. British Airways unveiled a new identity on June 10, 1997.

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6. On December 4, 1984, British Airways revealed a new identity and livery, created by Landor Associates.

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7. British Airways is worth �1.6 billion in stock market value as of 2009.

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8. British Airways has launched Face to Face, a multi phased program that aims to keep entrepreneurship alive and kick up fresh potential for economic growth in the USby focusing on tangible, human connections as a crucial of business growth.

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9. British Airways won numbers of awards including the Skytrax Best Transatlantic Airline in 2008 and 2009.

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10. British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to 148 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports.

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11. British Airways is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance, along with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and the now defunct Canadian Airlines.

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12. British Airways was certain to take aggressive action in staking a claim.

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13. British Airways employed additional Concordes on a number of international services, most notably London-Singapore, which was temporarily suspended through 1978 due to "political difficulties.

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14. British Airways is not only the flag carrier and the largest airline in the UK, but it's among the world's major air transport companies.

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15. British Airways is to take delivery of the first of its 18 ordered Airbus A350 aircraft in 2018.

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16. British Airways is the worlds largest operator of the iconic 747 jumbo jet.

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17. British Airways flies to more than 170 destinations in 70 countries.

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18. British Airways is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance.

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19. British Airways has a proud history of innovating and pushing boundaries.

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20. British Airways is the UK's largest international airline by fleet size and second only to EastyJet for the number of passengers carried.

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21. In June 2009, British Airways contacted some 30,000 employees in the United Kingdom, including Walsh, asking them to work without pay over a period of between one week and one month to save money.

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22. In late 1999 British Airways agreed to another franchise agreement with the small Dutch regional airline Base Regional Airlines.

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23. In 1995, British Airways signed a franchise agreement with GB Airways, the airline at the time had been operating flights to holiday destinations for a number of years from Gatwick.

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24. British Airways used some of its prosperity to upgrade and replace much of its fleet.

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25. In 1976, British Airways commenced flying Concorde, making it one of two airlines to own and operate the supersonic Aerospatiale-BAC airliner.

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26. British Airways acquired the supersonic Concorde in 1976, operating it on transatlantic services.

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27. British Airways had been a state company for 13 years.

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28. In 2007 British Airways was fined $300 million by the US Department of Justice for price-fixing.

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29. At the start of the 21st century, British Airways remained one of the largest air carriers in the world.

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30. British Airways are refuting Prossers claims, with onboard customer services flight manager Chris McLindon telling the court how he witnessed both men sitting normally in an economy seat and then leaving the aircraft upon landing without any difficulty.

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31. British Airways have added 50,000 extra award seats in Club World for a limited period of time.

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32. British Airways has revealed it will start Black Friday sales early—and promises 'huge discounts on flights and holidays'.

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33. British Airways reveals live date for Black Friday 2018 sales.

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34. British Airways sued by tourist 'wedged next to obese passenger'.

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35. British Airways operates airside lounges for passengers travelling in premium cabins, and these are available to certain tiers of Executive Club members.

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36. British Airways was the official airline of England's bid to host the 2018 Football World Cup.

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37. British Airways is the official airline of the Wimbledon Championship tennis tournament, and was the official airline and tier one partner of the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

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38. On 26 June 2013, British Airways took delivery of its first 787s.

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39. British Airways is a member and one of the founders of Oneworld, an airline alliance.

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40. British Airways Limited was established in 2012 to take over the operation of the premium service between London City Airport and New York-JFK.

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41. British Airways holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence, it is permitted to carry passengers, cargo, and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats.

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42. British Airways is the largest airline based in the United Kingdom in terms of fleet size, international flights, and international destinations and was, until 2008, the largest airline by passenger numbers.

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43. On 27 May 2017, British Airways suffered a computer power failure.

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44. British Airways was the official airline partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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45. On July 2008 British Airways announced a merger plan with Iberia, another flag carrier airline in the Oneworld alliance, wherein each airline would retain its original brand.

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46. In 1992 British Airways expanded through the acquisition of the financially troubled Dan-Air, giving BA a much larger presence at Gatwick airport.

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47. British Airways is the flag carrier and the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size, or the second largest, behind easyJet, when measured by passengers carried.

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