23 Facts About Asia

1. South Asia is referred to as the Indian Subcontinent, separated from East Asia by the Himalayan Mountains between China and India and defined largely by the Indian Tectonic Plate on which its countries largely rest.

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2. Asia is the largest continent in the world and has the two most populated countries in the world, China and India.

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3. Asia is bordered by Pacific Ocean to the east and Europe and Africa to the west.

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4. In the last decade, Animals Asia has seen the number of grassroots animal protection groups rise from 0, to over 150.

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5. In the 1950s fertility across South Asia was uniformly high.

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6. South Asia is the region approximately encompassed in the Indian subcontinent.

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7. Asia is the birthplace of all the world's major religions—Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism—and of many minor ones.

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8. Asia is separated from North America to the northeast by the Bering Strait and from Australia to the southeast by the seas and straits connecting the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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9. Asia is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Indian Ocean to the south, the Red Sea to the southwest, and Europe to the west.

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10. The largest religions in Asia are Islam and Hinduism, both with approximately 1.1 billion adherents.

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11. One of the most famous literary works of West Asia is One Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

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12. South Asia is huge, and traveling through the region can be daunting for some travelers.

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13. South Asia can loosely be described as the eight nations around the Indian subcontinent, including the island nations of Sri Lanka and the Maldives that are situated south of India.

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14. Asia is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean.

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15. Asia is the most rapidly deforested place in the world, even worse than the Amazon.

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16. In 1992, with Payne on lead vocals, Asia issued the album Aqua.

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17. South Asia can be further divided into three subregions: the Himalayan Mountains, the Ganges Plain, and the Indian peninsula.

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18. In the center of the continent is Central Asia, formed of a set of independent former republics of the Soviet Union.

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19. South Asia includes three main regions: the Himalayan mountains, the Ganges Plains, and the Indian Peninsula.

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20. The West Asia was home to the first known human civilizations, such as Ancient Sumer and the ancient Assyrian, Babylonian, and Akkadian empires.

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21. Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, sharing borders with Europe and Africa to its West, Oceania to its South, and North America to its East.

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22. Asia is home to many endangered animals such as the orang-utan in Borneo, the Chinese river dolphin or the dugong.

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23. In 2010, Asia had 3.3 million millionaires, slightly below North America with 3.4 million millionaires.

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