15 Facts About American Airlines

1. American Airlines promptly identified and corrected these violations of the Clean Air Act.

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2. In January 2013, American Airlines launched a new rebranding and marketing campaign dubbed, "The New American".

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3. In 1999, American Airlines painted a new Boeing 757 in its 1959 international orange livery.

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4. American Airlines submitted multiple requests for the Copyright Office to reconsider their determination.

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5. On June 3, 2016, American Airlines sought to register their 2013 logo with the United States Copyright Office.

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6. American Airlines calls the new logo the "Flight Symbol, incorporating the eagle, star, and the letter "A" of the classic logo.

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7. On January 17, 2013, American Airlines launched a new rebranding and marketing campaign with FutureBrand dubbed, "A New American".

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8. American Airlines moved to two leased office buildings in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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9. American Airlines marketed increased legroom in economy class as "More Room Throughout Coach", referred to as "MRTC" starting in February 2000.

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10. American Airlines retained Main Cabin Extra when the new Premium Economy product entered service in late 2016.

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11. On December 9, 2015, American Airlines announced a new Premium Economy product for most long-haul widebody aircraft.

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12. On July 20, 2011, American Airlines announced an order for 460 narrowbody jets including 260 Airbus A320s.

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13. In 2013, American Airlines merged with US Airways but kept the American Airlines name, as it was the better recognized brand internationally; the combination of the two airlines resulted in the creation of the largest airline in the United States, and ultimately the world.

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14. American Airlines is a founding member of Oneworld alliance, the third largest airline alliance in the world.

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15. American Airlines was started in 1930 via a union of more than eighty small airlines.

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