15 Facts About Boeing 737


Boeing 737 is a narrow-body aircraft produced by Boeing at its Renton Factory in Washington.

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In 2013, the global Boeing 737 fleet had completed more than 184 million flights over 264 million block hours since its entry into service.

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The Boeing 737 MAX, designed to compete with the A320neo, was grounded worldwide between March 2019 and November 2020 following two fatal crashes.

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Boeing 737 had been studying short-haul jet aircraft designs, and saw a need for a new aircraft to supplement the 727 on short and thin routes.

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At the time, Boeing 737 was far behind its competitors; rival aircraft in service SE 210 Caravelle and in development, the BAC One-Eleven, Douglas DC-9, and Fokker F28 were already into flight certification.

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Original Boeing 737 continued to be developed into thirteen passenger, cargo, corporate and military variants.

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The Boeing 737 went on to become the highest-selling commercial aircraft until surpassed by the competing Airbus A320 family in October 2019, but maintains the record in total deliveries.

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In March 2019, civil aviation authorities around the world grounded the Boeing 737 MAX following two hull loss crashes which caused 346 deaths.

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Boeing 737 considered parallel development with the 757 replacement, similar to the development of the 757 and 767 in the 1970s.

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The NMA project was set aside in January 2020, as Boeing focused on returning the 737 MAX to service and announced that it would be taking a new approach to future projects.

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Boeing 737 continued to evolve into many variants but still remains recognisable as the Boeing 737.

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Early Boeing 737 cockpits inherited the "eyebrow windows" positioned above the main glareshield, which were a feature of the original 707 and 727 to allow for better crew visibility.

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Boeing 737 later offered the redesigned Sky Interior on the NG.

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Boeing 737 had the highest, cumulative orders for any airliner until surpassed by the A320 family in October 2019.

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The 737 MAX backlog fell by 182, mainly due to the Jet Airways bankruptcy, a drop in Boeing's airliner backlog was a first in at least the past 30 years.

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