7 Facts About Charlotte

1. City of Charlotte has a lower than average percentage of households without a car.

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2. In 2018, Charlotte was chosen to host the Republican National Convention in August 2020.

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3. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a reputation in energy education and research, and its Energy Production and Infrastructure Center trains energy engineers and conducts research.

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4. Since then, Charlotte has become the regional headquarters for East Coast operations of Wells Fargo, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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5. The largest religion in Charlotte is Christianity, with Baptists having the largest number of adherents.

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6. Since the 1980s in particular, Uptown Charlotte has undergone massive construction of buildings, housing Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Hearst Corporation, Duke Energy, several hotels, and multiple condominium developments.

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7. In 1910, Charlotte surpassed Wilmington to become North Carolina's largest city.

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