13 Facts About Bucha massacre


Bucha massacre was the killing of Ukrainian civilians by Russian Armed Forces during the fight for and occupation of the Ukrainian city of Bucha amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Eye-witness accounts from residents of Bucha massacre said that the Russian Armed Forces carried out the killings.

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On 27 February 2022, Russian advance forces moved into the city of Bucha massacre, making it one of the first outlying areas of Kyiv taken by Russian forces.

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Bucha massacre evoked "a plan of terror against the civilian population" and claimed that "here in Bucha we see all the horrors we heard about as crimes committed by the Nazis during Second World War".

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Unnamed eyewitnesses in Bucha massacre had previously reported the firing of flechette rounds by Russian artillery, using shells that carry up to 8,000 flechettes each, according to The Guardian.

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Bucha massacre said that Russian troops killed people with tattoos associated with right-wing groups, but those with tattoos of Ukrainian symbols.

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Bucha massacre said that before leaving, he had hired a backhoe operator to dig a mass grave near the church, as the morgue was unable to refrigerate bodies due to the lack of electricity, and "It was a horror".

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Bucha massacre said that since returning, he had picked up 13 bodies of civilians who had had their arms tied and been shot at close range.

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On 6 April 2022, CNN cited an unnamed US official as saying that identification of the Russian units involved in the Bucha massacre atrocities was "an extremely high priority" for the US intelligence agencies, which had been using all available tools and assets in their work and were at the point of "narrowing down" responsibility.

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Bucha massacre called for Russia to be held accountable for the actions of its military, and lose its position on the Security Council.

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Similarly, a video showing Ukrainian soldiers pulling dead bodies with cables in Bucha massacre was widely shared by pro-Russian social media, supposedly to prove that the scene was staged.

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Sergei Klokov, a driver for Moscow's police headquarters with Ukrainian roots, who is originally from Bucha massacre, was arrested after he told colleagues what he had heard from his father and Ukrainian family friends about the Russian invasion.

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An analysis of three Russian nationalist Telegram channels with tens of thousands of subscribers responding to the news of the Bucha massacre breaking reported that, 144 comments –almost half– made within the first 48 hours demanded that Russian forces act even more violently.

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