9 Facts About The Guardian

1. In 2003, The Guardian started the film production company GuardianFilms, headed by journalist Maggie O'Kane.

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2. On Thursday, 1 September 2005, The Guardian announced that it would launch the new format on Monday 12 September 2005.

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3. In 2004, The Guardian announced plans to change to a Berliner or "midi" format, similar to that used by Die Tageszeitung in Germany, Le Monde in France and many other European papers.

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4. In June 1993, The Guardian bought The Observer from Lonrho, thus gaining a serious Sunday sister newspaper with similar political views.

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5. In 1992, The Guardian relaunched its features section as G2, a tabloid-format supplement.

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6. On 12 February 1988, The Guardian had a significant redesign; as well as improving the quality of its printers' ink, it changed its masthead to a juxtaposition of an italic Garamond "The", with a bold Helvetica "Guardian", that remained in use until the 2005 redesign.

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7. When the stamp duty was cut in 1836, The Guardian added a Wednesday edition and with the abolition of the tax in 1855 it became a daily paper costing 2d.

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8. In October 2004, The Guardian published a humorous column by Charlie Brooker in its entertainment guide, which appeared to call for the assassination of George W Bush.

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9. In the early 2000s, The Guardian challenged the Act of Settlement 1701 and the Treason Felony Act 1848.

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