6 Facts About Granada Television

1. In 1996 Granada Television joined BSkyB to form a joint venture, Granada Sky Broadcasting providing content and new channels to the satellite platform.

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2. On 3 January 1994, Granada Television introduced a series of films featuring flags with its logo against various scenes in the region, accompanied by the slogan 'Setting the Standard'.

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3. On 5 June 1989, Granada Television launched a look featuring a translucent pointed G, which rotated into place in time to the music against a natural scene.

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4. On 1 September 1986, Granada Television reverted to using a caption featuring a gold or chrome 3D pointed 'G' on a graded blue background.

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5. In November 2006, Granada Television lost its on-air identity when regional programming voiced ITV1 or ITV1 Granada over a generic ident.

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6. In contrast, Granada Television determined to develop a strong northern identity—northern voices, northern programmes, northern idents with phrases such as Granada from the north, From the north—Granada and Granadaland.

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