57 Facts About Yorkshire


Yorkshire, formally known as the County of York, is a historic county in northern England and by far the largest in the United Kingdom.

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Emblem of Yorkshire is the White Rose of the English royal House of York, and the most commonly used flag representative of Yorkshire is the white rose on a blue field which, after nearly fifty years of use, was recognised by the Flag Institute on 29 July 2008.

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Early inhabitants of what is Yorkshire were Hen Ogledd Brythonic Celts, who formed separate tribes, the Brigantes and the Parisi, East Riding.

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Parisi, who controlled the area that would become the East Riding of Yorkshire, might have been related to the Parisii of Lutetia Parisiorum, Gaul .

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The Wessex Kings of England were reputed to have respected the Norse customs in Yorkshire and left law-making in the hands of the local aristocracy.

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Population of Yorkshire boomed until it was hit by the Great Famine of 1315 until 1322.

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Some Catholics in Yorkshire continued to practise their religion and those caught were executed during the reign of Elizabeth I One such person was a York woman named Margaret Clitherow who was later canonised.

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In Yorkshire there is a very close relationship between the major topographical areas and the geological period in which they were formed.

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The Rivers Aire and Calder are more southerly contributors to the River Ouse and the most southerly Yorkshire tributary is the River Don, which flows northwards to join the main river at Goole.

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Countryside of Yorkshire has acquired the common nickname of "God's Own County".

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Yorkshire includes the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, and part of the Peak District National Park.

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Moor House – Upper Teesdale, most of which is part of the former North Riding of Yorkshire, is one of England's largest national nature reserves.

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Northern extent of Yorkshire is the Tees and the southern extent was the Humber.

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The smallest city in Yorkshire is Ripon which associated its city status with the establishment of Church of England dioceses.

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Statistical purposes, Yorkshire is divided, as of 2018, between three regions of England.

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Urban areas of Yorkshire later became independent county boroughs and other areas becoming districts.

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The ambiguous County of Cleveland, part County Durham and part North Yorkshire, was a later and larger-sized successor of the County Borough of Teesside.

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Yorkshire has been the focus of various industrial promotion and development initiatives, such as Yorkshire Forward, and today various local enterprise partnerships.

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Morrisons, Yorkshire Building Society, Provident Financial are based in Bradford.

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North Yorkshire has an established tourist industry, supported by the presence of two national parks, Harrogate, York and Scarborough.

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Yorkshire operates the Hull Container Terminal at the Port of Hull and owns a short river port in Howdendyke .

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Yorkshire has a large base of primary and secondary schools operated by both local authorities and private bodies, and a dozen universities, along with a wide range of colleges and further education facilities.

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South Yorkshire is served by Doncaster Sheffield Airport, based in Finningley.

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Buildings built for industry during the Victorian era are found throughout the region; West Yorkshire has various cotton mills, the Leeds Corn Exchange and the Halifax Piece Hall.

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Culture of the people of Yorkshire is an accumulated product of a number of different civilisations who have influenced its history, including; the Celts, Romans, Angles, Norse Vikings, and Normans amongst others.

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The people of Yorkshire are immensely proud of their county and local culture, and it is sometimes suggested they identify more strongly with their county than they do with their country.

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Yorkshire is a massive territory and the dialects are not identical in all areas.

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The most famous traditional song of Yorkshire is On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at, it is considered the unofficial anthem of the county.

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However, when Yorkshire formed the southern part of the kingdom of Northumbria there were several notable poets, scholars and ecclesiastics, including Alcuin, Cædmon and Wilfrid.

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Wuthering Heights was almost a source used to depict life in Yorkshire, illustrating the type of people that reside there in its characters, and emphasising the use of the stormy Yorkshire moors.

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Novelist tradition in Yorkshire continued into the 20th and 21st centuries, with authors such as J B Priestley, Alan Bennett, Stan Barstow, Dame Margaret Drabble, Winifred Holtby, A S Byatt, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Marina Lewycka and Sunjeev Sahota being prominent examples.

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Yorkshire pudding is the base for toad in the hole, a dish containing sausage.

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Yorkshire has a number of breweries including Black Sheep, Copper Dragon, Cropton Brewery, John Smith's, Sam Smith's, Kelham Island Brewery, Theakstons, Timothy Taylor, Wharfedale Brewery, Harrogate Brewery and Leeds Brewery.

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Yorkshire has a heritage of folk music and folk dance including the Long Sword dance.

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Yorkshire has a flourishing folk music culture, with over forty folk clubs and thirty annual folk music festivals.

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Yorkshire had a very strong post-punk scene which went on to achieve widespread acclaim and success, including: The Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Vardis, Gang of Four, ABC, The Human League, New Model Army, Soft Cell, Chumbawamba, The Wedding Present and The Mission.

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Several noted films are set in Yorkshire, including Kes, This Sporting Life, Room at the Top, Brassed Off, Mischief Night, Rita, Sue and Bob Too, The Damned United, Four Lions, God's Own Country and Calendar Girls.

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Yorkshire has remained a popular location for filming in more recent times.

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West Yorkshire has particularly benefited from a great deal of production activity.

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Yorkshire has a long tradition in the field of sports, with participation in cricket, football, rugby league and horse racing being the most established sporting ventures.

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Yorkshire is officially recognised by FIFA as the birthplace of club football, as Sheffield FC founded in 1857 are certified as the oldest association football club in the world.

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Yorkshire has along history of rugby union in the county with Leeds Tykes featuring in the Aviva Premiership for eight seasons between 2001 and 2011 when they were relegated to the Championship.

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Many England international players have emerged from Yorkshire including World Cup winners Jason Robinson and Mike Tindall.

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The top league is the Super League and the most decorated Yorkshire clubs are Huddersfield Giants, Hull FC, Bradford Bulls, Hull Kingston Rovers, Wakefield Trinity, Castleford Tigers and Leeds Rhinos.

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Notable Yorkshire athletes include Jessica Ennis-Hill and the Brownlee brothers, Jonathan and Alistair.

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Yorkshire hosted the 2019 UCI Road World Championships between 22 and 29 September, which were held in Harrogate.

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Notable racing cyclists from Yorkshire include Brian Robinson, Lizzie Deignan and Beryl Burton.

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Yorkshire'sffield is home to the Yorkshire'sffield Sharks who play in the British Basketball League and, from 2021, Leeds Rhinos have featured in the Netball Superleague.

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From 1290, Yorkshire was represented by two members of parliament of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England.

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Yorkshire was represented at this time as one single, large, county constituency.

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The most controversial reorganisation of local government in Yorkshire was the Local Government Act 1972, put into practice in 1974.

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In 1996 the East Riding of Yorkshire was reformed as a unitary authority area and together with the adjoining unitary authority of Kingston upon Hull forms a ceremonial county.

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Moorman, the first professor of English Language at Leeds University, claimed Yorkshire was not settled by Angles or Saxons following the end of Roman rule in Britain, but by a different Germanic tribe, the Geats.

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Yorkshire is usually a big upstanding man, who looks as if he could take care of himself and those who depend upon him in an emergency.

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Independence in Yorkshire expresses itself in a markedly increasing determination to establish self-reliance.

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Campaign for Yorkshire was led by Jane Thomas as Director and Paul Jagger as chairman.

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Jagger claimed in 1999 that Yorkshire had as much right to a regional parliament or assembly as Scotland and Wales because Yorkshire 'has as clear a sense of identity as Scotland or Wales.

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