27 Facts About Sheffield

1. Sheffield is home to the oldest football club in the world that plays association football—Sheffield FC.

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2. Sheffield is home to two FM licensed community radio stations: Sheffield Live 93.2, and Burngreave Community Radio on 103.1.

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3. Sheffield is home to the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, a roller derby team.

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4. Sheffield is governed at the local level by Sheffield City Council.

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5. Many of Sheffield's sporting facilities were built for the World Student Games, which the city hosted in 1991, including Sheffield Arena and the Ponds Forge international diving and swimming complex.

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6. In 2010, 5,000 properties in Sheffield were identified as still being at risk of flooding.

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7. Sheffield is the happiest city in the UK, according to a new survey.

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8. Sheffield is one of the five big cities to have just got O2 4G.

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9. Sheffield is the only UK city to have part of a National Park within its boundaries.

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10. Sheffield is formally twinned with—Anshan, China—Bochum, Germany—Donetsk, Ukraine—Esteli, Nicaragua.

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11. Sheffield is officially Europe's greenest city, having won the 2005 Entente Florale competition.

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12. Sheffield is a city found in England, The United Kingdom.

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13. Sheffield is the southernmost city of Yorkshire, just off the M1 motorway.

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14. Sheffield is located at the edge of the Peak District National Park.

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15. Sheffield United are referenced by Brian Blessed's character in a third series episode of the BBC post-apocalyptic drama series Survivors from the 1970s.

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16. Sheffield United Ladies have a Development team, have numerous junior teams as part as the Regional Talent Club and an additional grassroots arm.

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17. Sheffield United U23s currently compete in the Professional Development League, playing home games at various venues, including Bramall Lane and Stocksbridge Park Steels FC.

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18. Sheffield United have, along with many other sports teams across Yorkshire, a strong rivalry with Nottingham Forest.

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19. Sheffield United won the original Football League in 1898 and the FA Cup in 1899, 1902, 1915 and 1925.

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20. Sheffield is a big city in a region called South Yorkshire in the North of England.

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21. Sheffield United were quite interested in signing Scott Hogan from Aston Villa over the summer but the move did not materialize.

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22. Sheffield United fans will NOT be allowed in pubs in Rotherham town centre before South Yorkshire derby.

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23. Sheffield is policed by South Yorkshire Police whose headquarters are in the city.

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24. Sheffield is linked into the national motorway network via the M1 and M18 motorways.

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25. Sheffield is a major retail centre, and is home to many High Street and department stores as well as designer boutiques.

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26. Population of Sheffield peaked in 1951 at 577,050, and has since declined steadily.

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27. Sheffield is largely unparished, but Bradfield and Ecclesfield have parish councils, and Stocksbridge has a town council.

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