24 Facts About Sheffield Wednesday

1. Sheffield Wednesday have never played below level three since becoming a football League club.

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2. Sheffield Wednesday took the lead through a spectacular Chris Waddle free kick before United forced extra time courtesy of a goal from veteran striker Alan Cork.

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3. Sheffield Wednesday have enjoyed good support despite their recent decline in fortunes.

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4. Sheffield Wednesday have often favoured black shorts or, more recently, blue.

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5. Sheffield Wednesday are the only English League club with a day of the week in their name.

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6. Sheffield Wednesday spent the majority of the 1980s and 1990s in the top tier of English football.

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7. Sheffield Wednesday were one of the founding members of The Premier League in 1992.

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8. Sheffield Wednesday is one of the oldest professional clubs in the world and the fifth oldest in the English league.

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9. Sheffield Wednesday have divided their home matches into seven different pricing categories.

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10. Sheffield Wednesday have notable rivalries with other similar clubs in neighbouring regions, namely Leeds United, Derby County and Nottingham Forest.

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11. Sheffield Wednesday dominated the early stages of the final, which resulted in the opening goal when Fred Spiksley slotted an Archie Brash throw-in past Tennant in the Wanderers' goal.

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12. Sheffield Wednesday is a name often used for fictional characters, as well as the name used by English football club.

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13. Sheffield Wednesday is founded in 1857 as Sheffield Club, and is one of the oldest football clubs.

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14. Sheffield Wednesday must seek to lure linked-away Reece Oxford to Hillsborough.

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15. Sheffield Wednesday have decided not to pick Westwood this season, with Cameron Dawson taking the spot in between the sticks.

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16. Sheffield Wednesday will be looking to end a five-game winless run when they face promotion hopefuls Derby County at Hillsborough tomorrow.

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17. Sheffield Wednesday boss Jos Luhukay hopes his side can end their goal drought when they take on Derby County this weekend.

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18. Sheffield Wednesday boss hopes goal drought ends when they face Derby County.

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19. Sheffield Wednesday have been blighted with injuries over the past 12 months.

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20. In 2016, Sheffield Wednesday took over 38,000 fans to Wembley for a play-off final defeat by Hull City, selling substantially more seats than their counterparts many of whom boycotted the game.

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21. At the 2005 playoff final, Sheffield Wednesday took over 39,000 fans to the Millennium Stadium.

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22. Over the years Sheffield Wednesday have had several Owl themed matchday mascots.

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23. On 1 February 1868, Sheffield Wednesday played their first competitive football match as they entered the Cromwell Cup, a one-off four-team competition for newly formed clubs.

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24. Sheffield Wednesday have competed in UEFA cup competitions on four occasions, reaching the quarter-finals of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1963.

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