19 Facts About Leeds United

1. Leeds United generally attracts crowds of in the mid-20,000s, and only occasionally sells out.

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2. Leeds United fans have a tendency to feel a touch victimised.

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3. Leeds United currently sit in 14th spot in the Sky Bet Championship table, after a poor run of form which has seen them plummet down the league.

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4. Leeds United was established in 1919, having previously been known as Leeds City.

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5. Leeds United was formed in 1919 and plays at the 37,890-capacity Elland Road Stadium in Beeston.

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6. Leeds United fought against Bayern Munich during the European Cup Final in 1975.

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7. In 2001, Leeds United made its way to appear in the semifinals for Champions League.

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8. Leeds United must hope keeper search does not bring them another Felix Wiedwald.

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9. Leeds United will be desperate to make the most of their promising position in the Championship by securing promotion to the Premier League under Marcelo Bielsa.

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10. Leeds United fans are purring over Ibai Gomez, after his latest piece of skill.

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11. Leeds United fans excited by Ibai Gomez's piece of skill.

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12. Leeds United fans near universal in praise of Jamie Shackleton display.

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13. Leeds United came from behind to beat Queens Park Rangers and remain a point behind Championship leaders Norwich City.

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14. On 15 May 2014, Leeds United retired the number 17 shirt due to then-owner Massimo Cellino's superstitious beliefs.

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15. Leeds United have rivalries with several clubs, including local rivalries with Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Bradford City and Huddersfield Town, and national rivalries with Manchester United, Chelsea and Millwall.

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16. Leeds United have only ever used one stadium as their home ground, Elland Road, where they have played since foundation in 1919.

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17. On 31 May 1920, Leeds United were elected to the Football League.

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18. In 1919, Leeds United was formed and they received an invitation to enter the Midland League, being voted into it on 31 October, taking the place vacated by Leeds City Reserves.

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19. Leeds United fans will love the reason academy graduate Ben Parker rejected Manchester United.

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