26 Facts About Premier League


Premier League is the highest level of the men's English football league system.

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The Premier League is a corporation where chief executive Richard Masters is responsible for its management, whilst the member clubs act as shareholders.

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Criticism of the gap between an elite group of "super clubs" and the majority of the Premier League has continued, nevertheless, due to their increasing ability to spend more than the other Premier League clubs.

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Objectors argue that the egalitarian revenue structure in the Premier League helps to maintain a competitive league which is vital for its future success.

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The Premier League players decided to take the knee only at some selected "significant moments", instead of the routine before matches.

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Football Association Premier League Ltd is operated as a corporation and is owned by the 20 member clubs.

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The Football Association is not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the Premier League, but has veto power as a special shareholder during the election of the chairman and chief executive and when new rules are adopted by the league.

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Premier League sends representatives to UEFA's European Club Association, the number of clubs and the clubs themselves chosen according to UEFA coefficients.

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Premier League has faced criticism of its governance due to an alleged lack of transparency and accountability.

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The Premier League responded by announcing their intention to resist such a reduction.

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However, for those leagues with four entrants in the Champions Premier League, this meant that if the Champions Premier League winner finished outside the top four in its domestic league, it would qualify at the expense of the fourth-placed team in the league.

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From 1993 to 2016, the Premier League had title sponsorship rights sold to two companies, which were Carling brewery and Barclays Bank PLC; Barclays was the most recent title sponsor, having sponsored the Premier League from 2001 until 2016.

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The FA announced on 4 June 2015 that it would not pursue any further title sponsorship deals for the Premier League, arguing that they wanted to build a "clean" brand for the competition more in line with those of major U S sports leagues.

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Premier League has the highest revenue of any association football league in the world, with total club revenues of €2.

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In 2010 the Premier League was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category for its outstanding contribution to international trade and the value it brings to English football and the United Kingdom's broadcasting industry.

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Premier League includes some of the richest football clubs in the world.

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Premier League clubs agreed in principle in December 2012, to radical new cost controls.

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Since its split with the Football League, established clubs in the Premier League have a funding disparity from counterparts in lower leagues.

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Clubs which have failed to win immediate promotion back to the Premier League have seen financial problems, in some cases administration or liquidation.

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Premier League is the most widely distributed sports programme in Asia.

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Premier League is broadcast in the United States by NBC Sports, a division of Sky parent Comcast.

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Managers in the Premier League are involved in the day-to-day running of the team, including the training, team selection and player acquisition.

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Record transfer fee for a Premier League player has risen steadily over the lifetime of the competition.

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Premier League maintains two trophies – the genuine trophy and a spare replica.

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Each player to reach these milestones is to receive a presentation box from the Premier League containing a special medallion and a plaque commemorating their achievement.

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In 2012, the Premier League celebrated its second decade by holding the 20 Seasons Awards:.

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