16 Facts About West Yorkshire


West Yorkshire is a metropolitan and ceremonial county in England.

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West Yorkshire came into existence as a metropolitan county in 1974 after the passage of the Local Government Act 1972 and has a population of 2.

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West Yorkshire includes the West Yorkshire Built-up Area, which is the biggest and most built-up urban area within the historic county boundaries of Yorkshire.

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Since 1 April 2014, West Yorkshire has been a combined authority area, with the local authorities pooling together some functions over transport and regeneration as the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

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Small section of West Yorkshire forms scattered settlements into Rochdale in Greater Manchester with the villages of Walsden and Rishworth in Calderdale which are only 8 and 11 miles apart from the main town centre.

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West Yorkshire has close ties with Lancashire in terms of history, local identity and infrastructure including with the War of the Roses and Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

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The civil parish of Saddleworth in Oldham was the only part of West Riding of Yorkshire to be moved into the county of Greater Manchester.

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West Yorkshire was formed as a metropolitan county in 1974, by the Local Government Act 1972, and corresponds roughly to the core of the historic West Riding of Yorkshire and the county boroughs of Bradford, Dewsbury, Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, and Wakefield.

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West Yorkshire contains green belt interspersed throughout the county, surrounding the West Yorkshire Urban Area.

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West Yorkshire has an Oceanic climate, similar to other parts of the United Kingdom.

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West Yorkshire tends to be cooler than counties further south, due to inland location and high elevation .

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Twelve farmers who farm within the Rhubarb Triangle applied to have the name "West Yorkshire forced rhubarb" added to the list of foods and drinks that have their names legally protected by the European Commission's Protected Food Name scheme.

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West Yorkshire has two mainline railway stations, Leeds and Wakefield Westgate.

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Unlike South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire has no light transit system; the Leeds Supertram was proposed but was later cancelled after the withdrawal of government funding.

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Major football clubs in West Yorkshire include Leeds United, Huddersfield Town, and Bradford City.

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West Yorkshire used to host regular speedway meetings, having the Halifax Dukes and the Bradford Dukes teams.

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