18 Facts About Rotherham


Rotherham is a minster and market town in South Yorkshire, England.

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Rotherham is the third largest settlement in South Yorkshire after Sheffield and Doncaster, which it is located between.

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Townsmen of Rotherham formed the "Greaves of Our Lady's Light", an organisation which worked with the town's three guilds.

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Sixty years after the College's dissolution Rotherham was described by a wealthy visitor as falling from a fashionable college town to having admitted gambling and vice.

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Rotherham was purchased by Tube Investments Ltd in 1956 and closed in 1974.

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Rotherham Forge and Rolling Mill occupied an island in the river known as Forge Island.

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Rotherham is the location of the Advanced Manufacturing Park, which is home to a number of world-class companies including Rolls-Royce and McLaren Automotive.

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The Don, which is navigable to Sheffield, communicates with the river Aire on the north-east, with the Stainforth and Keadby canal on the east, with the Dearne and Dove canal and the Barnsley canal on the north-west, and consequently with the river Calder; by which means Rotherham enjoys [goods trade] with all the principal towns in the great manufacturing districts of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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In 1983 Rotherham became a designated Enterprise Zone with benefits and incentives given to attract new industry and development in the area.

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Rotherham was affected by flooding in the summer of 2007, which caused the closure of central roads, schools, transport services and damaged residential and commercial property, including the Parkgate Shopping complex and the Meadowhall Centre, which suffered considerable internal water damage.

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Rotherham's issued an exploitation report stretching beyond police-level investigated cases.

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Beyond the town centre and away from the Don Valley, the Rotherham district is largely rural, containing a mixture of retired people, larger properties, some farming and tourism and the landscaped Wentworth Woodhouse estate, where the last surviving kiln of the Rockingham Pottery can be seen.

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Rotherham is within a green belt region that extends into the wider surrounding counties, and is in place to reduce urban sprawl, prevent the towns in the Sheffield built-up area conurbation from further convergence, protect the identity of outlying communities, encourage brownfield reuse, and preserve nearby countryside.

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Rotherham town has over double the percentage of Asian people compared with the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham and a slightly larger percentage of black people.

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The park holds several events annually including the great Rotherham show and annual fireworks display which both attract thousands of people each year.

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In 2015, Rotherham won the Great British High Street award for its independent town centre shopping.

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Rotherham aimed to make Rotherham "the culinary capital of the United Kingdom" by his 'Pass it on' scheme, teaching groups some of which went on to work in restaurants.

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Rotherham is the hometown of the Chuckle Brothers, Arsenal and England goalkeeper David Seaman along with World Cup and English Premier League referee Howard Webb.

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