10 Facts About Parkway


The Arroyo Seco Parkway between Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena, California, is an example of lost pastoral aesthetics.

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In New York City, construction on the Long Island Motor Parkway began in 1906 and planning for the Bronx River Parkway in 1907.

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The Vanderbilt Parkway, an exception in western Suffolk County, is a surviving remnant of the Long Island Motor Parkway that became a surface street, no longer with controlled-access or non-commercial vehicle restrictions.

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The Palisades Interstate Parkway is a post-war parkway that starts at the George Washington Bridge, heads north through New Jersey, continuing through Rockland and Orange counties in New York.

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The Palisades Parkway was built to allow for a direct route from New York City to Harriman State Park.

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In New Jersey, the Garden State Parkway, connecting the northern part of the state with the Jersey Shore, is restricted to buses and non-commercial traffic north of the Route 18 interchange, but trucks are permitted south of this point.

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The Parkway East connects Downtown Pittsburgh to Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

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The Parkway North connects Downtown to Franklin Park, Pennsylvania and northbound I-79.

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Columbia Parkway carries US-50 traffic from downtown towards east-side suburbs of Mariemont, Anderson, and Milford, and is a limited access road from downtown to the Village of Mariemont.

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The East Coast Parkway is currently the only expressway in Singapore that uses this terminology.

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