22 Facts About Jason


Jason appeared in various literary works in the classical world of Greece and Rome, including the epic poem Argonautica and the tragedy Medea.

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Jason's claimed that she had been having an affair with him all along.

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Many years later, Pelias was holding games in honor of Poseidon when the grown Jason arrived in Iolcus, having lost one of his sandals in the river Anauros while helping an old woman to cross.

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When Jason entered Iolcus, he was announced as a man wearing only one sandal.

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Jason assembled for his crew, a number of heroes, known as the Argonauts after their ship, the Argo.

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Jason had not taken part, which is truly unusual considering the numerous affairs he had with other women.

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Jason told them about the land beyond Bear Mountain, but forgot to mention what lived there.

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Soon Jason reached the court of Phineus of Salmydessus in Thrace.

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Jason took pity on the emaciated king and killed the Harpies when they returned; in other versions, Calais and Zetes chase the harpies away.

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Jason released the dove as advised, which made it through, losing only a few tail feathers.

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Jason sprayed the dragon with a potion, given by Medea, distilled from herbs.

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Jason killed him, chopped off his fingers and toes, and buried the corpse.

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Jason, celebrating his return with the Golden Fleece, noted that his father was too aged and infirm to participate in the celebrations.

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Jason asked Medea to take some years from his life and add them to the life of his father.

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Jason's demonstrated this remarkable feat with the oldest ram in the flock, which leapt out of the cauldron as a lamb.

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In Corinth, Jason became engaged to marry Creusa, a daughter of the King of Corinth, to strengthen his political ties.

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Jason's fled to Athens in a chariot of dragons sent by her grandfather, the sun-god Helios.

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Jason was asleep under the stern of the rotting Argo when it fell on him, killing him instantly.

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Jason's father is invariably Aeson, but there is great variation as to his mother's name.

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Jason is briefly mentioned in Dante's Divine Comedy in the poem Inferno.

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Story of Medea's revenge on Jason is told with devastating effect by Euripides in his tragedy Medea.

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Jason appeared in the Hercules episode "Hercules and the Argonauts" voiced by William Shatner.

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