6 Facts About Super League

1. The West Boynton Football Super League recently had its top teams on display during the youth tackle football league's Super Bowl.

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2. As of 2017, Super League clubs are permitted to register no more than five overseas players.

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3. As well as title sponsorship, Super League has a number of official partners and suppliers.

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4. In 2014 and 2015 Super League clubs were unhappy with the Dual registration system and wanted to form a under-23 reserve leagues between the under-19s and first teams.

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5. In June 2015 8 of the 12 Super League clubs voted to allow a Marquee Player that can exceed a clubs salary cap as long as they can afford their wages.

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6. In June 2008, the RFL confirmed that Super League would be expanded from 12 teams to 14 in 2009, and on 22 July 2008 the RFL confirmed the teams awarded licences.

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