101 Facts About New Zealand

1. New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems—God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

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2. New Zealand have played two T20 matches against India in their backyard and have won both of them.

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3. New Zealand were expected to play competitive cricket before the ODI series but, it was only in the fourth match that they put up a fight, while in all the remaining matches the Indian team was clinical in their performance.

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4. New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems—God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

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5. New Zealand chased down the target with ease with veteran Susie Bates and Satterthwaite (66 not out) scoring fine half-centuries.

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6. New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems—God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

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7. New Zealand needed only 14.4 overs to seal an eight-wicket victory in a fourth match of a series that India have already won.

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8. New Zealand is an island nation located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean.

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9. Jacinda Ardern explains why New Zealand is a laboratory for progressive politics.

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10. New Zealand has become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations.

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11. New Zealand is one of the only countries to have two national anthems—God Save The Queen and God Defend New Zealand.

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12. The New Zealand recording industry began to develop from 1940 onwards and many New Zealand musicians have obtained success in Britain and the United States.

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13. On 3 September 1939 New Zealand allied itself with Britain and declared war on Germany with Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage proclaiming, "Where she goes, we go; where she stands, we stand.

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14. New Zealand is identified as one of the world's most stable and well-governed states.

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15. New Zealand wrote, "it is possible that this land joins to the Staten Land but it is uncertain", referring to a landmass of the same name at the southern tip of South America, discovered by Jacob Le Maire in 1616.

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16. New Zealand has several species of flightless bird, including the kiwi.

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17. New Zealand was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time.

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18. New Zealand became part of the global super continent Pangaea.

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19. New Zealand sits at the boundary between two continental plates.

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20. New Zealand has made itself a Nuclear Free Zone: They do not use nuclear power and do not allow nuclear weapons or nuclear powered vessels in their territory.

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21. New Zealand is an Oceanian country in the south-western Pacific Ocean.

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22. New Zealand produces approximately 165,800 metric ton wool every year.

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23. New Zealand produced 21.53 million tons of Milk in 2015.

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24. New Zealand is a fascinating and perfect place for tourism.

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25. New Zealand is nothing short of mother nature at its best.

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26. New Zealand was the first country to give women the right to vote, in 1893.

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27. New Zealand has the most unique McDonald's in the world.

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28. New Zealand drives on the left-hand side of the road.

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29. The South Island of New Zealand is the home to a giant carnivorous snail.

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30. New Zealand has the world's steepest street: Baldwin Street in Dunedin.

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31. New Zealand is home to the heaviest insect in the whole world, weta.

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32. New Zealand is the home of the organised commercial bungee jumping.

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33. New Zealand is the only country in the world where it's legal to use Hobbit-related images on the official currency.

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34. New Zealand has the longest place name in the world.

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35. New Zealand has more than 50 volcanoes, and many of them are still active.

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36. In the past, New Zealand had a dolphin Pelorus Jack who guided ships through dangerous waters.

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37. New Zealand prides itself as having a very liberal media arena.

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38. In the past, New Zealand was administratively part of the New South Wales.

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39. New Zealand is a country consisting of islands in the south-western Pacific.

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40. New Zealand has beautiful landscapes consisting of high mountain ranges, lower regions and beaches.

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41. New Zealand is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.

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42. New Zealand is an exciting country in the South Pacific.

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43. New Zealand is a country comprised of two large islands and many smaller islands.

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44. New Zealand is part of the Ring of Fire which means it's part of a circular area in the Pacific Ocean where volcanoes and earthquakes are common.

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45. New Zealand is nominally Christian, with Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Presbyterian denominations being the largest.

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46. In the absence of predatory animals, New Zealand is a paradise for birds, the most interesting of which are flightless.

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47. New Zealand is part of the Ring of Fire—the circum-Pacific seismic belt marked by frequent earthquakes and considerable volcanic activity.

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48. New Zealand was the largest country in Polynesia when it was annexed by Great Britain in 1840.

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49. New Zealand is a land of great contrasts and diversity.

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50. New Zealand is the first country in the world to see a new day.

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51. On the subject of politics, in 1982, New Zealand appointed an official 'Wizard of Christchurch'.

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52. New Zealand has an active marine volcano, The Whakaari or The White Island, which attracts tourists and geologists in equal numbers.

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53. New Zealand has a strange tradition of having two national anthems.

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54. New Zealand found The Black Cocks hard to swallow, no pun intended.

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55. New Zealand is home to an entire family tree of volcanoes.

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56. In this regard, New Zealand has been two steps ahead of the civilized West.

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57. The Great Barrier Islands in northern New Zealand, extensively used pigeon posts.

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58. New Zealand has more than 50 volcanoes, some of which are still active today.

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59. New Zealand is a remote, mountainous group of islands in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.

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60. New Zealand is listed as a state of Australia in the Australian constitution, and can join the Australian confederation if they choose to.

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61. New Zealand will deny people residency visas if they have too high of a BMI and there have been cases of people rejected because of their weight.

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62. New Zealand is an island nation located next to Australia.

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63. New Zealand were the only undefeated team in the entire tournament thanks to Spain's defeat to Switzerland.

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64. New Zealand qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup though exited the competition after the first round despite being the only team not to lose a game during the tournament.

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65. New Zealand is second only to the USA for the number of McDonalds Restaurants per head of population.

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66. New Zealand is the second largest producer of wool after Australia.

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67. New Zealand is one of the 2 countries where drug companies are permitted to advertise to the public, the other being USA.

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68. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world.

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69. New Zealand was the first country to allow women the right to vote.

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70. New Zealand was first settled by the Maori people who came from other Polynesian islands about 1,000 years ago.

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71. New Zealand is a group of islands formed from volcanoes.

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72. With the passing of the legislation, New Zealand becomes the 13th country in the world where same-sex marriage is legal.

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73. New Zealand fought with the Allies in both world wars as well as in Korea.

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74. New Zealand was the world's first country to give women the right to vote.

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75. New Zealand does not apply the death penalty to any offense.

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76. In 1996, New Zealand adopted a mixed-member proportional voting system for parliamentary elections.

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77. New Zealand has a stable democratic system of government based on the Westminster system.

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78. In the 1930s, New Zealand adopted an extensive system of social welfare, much of which remains in place in the twenty-first century.

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79. New Zealand is a South Pacific island nation, located some 2,000 kilometers to the southeast of Australia.

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80. New Zealand was known as much for its filmmakers—especially the Oscar-winning Peter Jackson—as for its sporting successes.

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81. New Zealand became a model to the world of Fabian socialism in action.

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82. In 1914 New Zealand sent 81 percent of its exports to Britain, largely wool, frozen meat, butter, and cheese.

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83. New Zealand consists of two major islands, North and South, located deep in the southern Pacific Ocean almost a thousand miles east of Australia.

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84. New Zealand is an active member of the global coalition in the war against terrorism, and deployed SAS troops to Afghanistan and naval and air assets to the Persian Gulf.

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85. New Zealand considers its own national defense needs to be modest.

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86. New Zealand is known for its high standard of living.

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87. New Zealand is an island nation 1,000 miles southeast of Australia in the South Pacific.

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88. New Zealand lies in the South Pacific Ocean southeast of Australia, from which it is separated by the Tasman Sea.

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89. New Zealand has jurisdiction over foreign affairs and defense matters for the self-governing entities of Tokelau and the Cook Islands and claims land in Antarctica in and near the Ross Sea.

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90. New Zealand acceded to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption in 1999.

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91. New Zealand has adopted needle exchange programs to reduce HIV spread among intravenous drug users.

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92. New Zealand was a founding member of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization in 1954.

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93. New Zealand has a total coastline of 15,134 kilometers.

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94. New Zealand provides free legal representation in Hague cases and absorbs all legal costs for requests.

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95. New Zealand is a highly developed, stable parliamentary democracy, which recognizes the British monarch as sovereign.

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96. In 1971, New Zealand joined the other independent and self-governing states of the South Pacific to establish the South Pacific Forum, which meets annually at the "heads of government" level.

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97. New Zealand is a "dialogue partner" with the Association of South East Asian Nations and an active participant in APEC.

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98. New Zealand sent troops to support the British in World War I, giving the country a sense of its own distinctiveness.

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99. New Zealand is an island country in the South Pacific, within the Polynesian cultural region.

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100. New Zealand has only 100 miles of multilane divided motorways.

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101. New Zealand is an active member of the global coalition in the War against Terrorism, and deployed SAS troops to Afghanistan, and naval and air assets to the Persian Gulf.

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