20 Facts About London Stock Exchange


London Stock Exchange is a stock exchange in the City of London, England, United Kingdom.

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Royal London Stock Exchange had been founded by English financier Thomas Gresham and Sir Richard Clough on the model of the Antwerp Bourse.

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Royal London Stock Exchange housed not only brokers but merchants and merchandise.

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In spite of continuous criticism from newspapers and the public, the government used the London Stock Exchange's organised market to raise the enormous amount of money required for the wars against Napoleon.

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Notably, the Foreign Market at the London Stock Exchange allowed for merchants and traders to participate, and the Royal London Stock Exchange hosted all transactions where foreign parties were involved.

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Just as London Stock Exchange enjoyed growth through international trade, the rest of Great Britain benefited from the economic boom.

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London Stock Exchange was set to open again on 4 January 1915 under tedious restrictions: transactions were to be in cash only.

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In 1923, the London Stock Exchange received its own coat of arms, with the motto Dictum Meum Pactum, My Word is My Bond.

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In 1937, officials at the London Stock Exchange used their experiences from World War I to draw up plans for how to handle a new war.

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The main concerns included air raids and the subsequent bombing of the London Stock Exchange's perimeters, and one suggestion was a move to Denham, Buckinghamshire.

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The London Stock Exchange's floor was hit by a clutch of incendiary bombs, which were extinguished quickly.

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London Stock Exchange was only closed for one more day during wartime, in 1945 due to damage from a V-2 rocket.

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In 1995, the London Stock Exchange launched the Alternative Investment Market, the AIM, to allow growing companies to expand into international markets.

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London Stock Exchange transferred its role as UK Listing Authority to the Financial Services Authority.

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The London Stock Exchange acquired Proquote Limited, a new generation supplier of real-time market data and trading systems.

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In 2004, LondonStock Exchange moved to a brand-new headquarters in Paternoster Square, close to St Paul's Cathedral.

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London Stock Exchange Group acquired Turquoise, a Pan-European MTF, in 2009.

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On October 9,2020, London Stock Exchange agreed to sale the Borsa Italiana to Euronext for €4.

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London Stock Exchange described the offer as "derisory", a sentiment echoed by shareholders in the Exchange.

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On 9 February 2011, London Stock Exchange Group announced it had agreed to merge with the Toronto-based TMX Group, the owners of the Toronto Stock Exchange, creating a combined entity with a market capitalization of listed companies equal to £3.

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