7 Facts About Priti Patel

1. In October 2016 Priti Patel ordered a review of the funding procedure, temporarily freezing approximately a third of Britain's aid to the Palestinians during the review.

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2. In November 2017, Priti Patel was critical of the UK government Brexit negotiations and stated: "I would have told the EU in particular to sod off with their excessive financial demands".

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3. In December 2015, Priti Patel voted to support Cameron's planned bombing of Islamic State targets in Syria.

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4. In January 2015, Priti Patel was presented with a "Jewels of Gujarat" award in Ahmedabad, India, and in the city she gave a keynote speech at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce.

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5. In October 2014, Priti Patel criticised the plan of the Academies Enterprise Trust to merge the New Rickstones and Maltings Academies, claiming that to do so would be detrimental to school standards.

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6. In 2000, aged 27, Priti Patel left the employment of the Conservative party to work for Weber Shandwick, a PR consulting firm.

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7. In 1997, Priti Patel left to join the Conservative Party having been offered a post to work for the new leader William Hague in his press office, dealing with media relations in London and the South East of England.

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