40 Facts About Raleigh


Raleigh is the capital of the state of North Carolina and the seat of Wake County in the United States.

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Raleigh is known as the "City of Oaks" for its many oak trees, which line the streets in the heart of the city.

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The city of Raleigh is named after Walter Raleigh, who established the lost Roanoke Colony in present-day Dare County.

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Raleigh is home to North Carolina State University and is part of the Research Triangle together with Durham and Chapel Hill .

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Raleigh is an early example in the United States of a planned city.

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From 1789 to 1794, when Raleigh was being built, the state capital was Fayetteville.

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Raleigh was chosen as the site of the new capital in 1788, as its central location protected it from attacks from the coast.

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Raleigh is one of the few cities in the United States that was planned and built specifically to serve as a state capital.

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Kenneth Rayner, a long-time resident of Raleigh, delivered the proposal including a promise of no resistance.

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Kilpatrick's cavalry occupied Raleigh and removed the flagpole from the state capitol, replacing it with a United States Flag above the dome.

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Raleigh'srman arrived shortly after and established his headquarters in the governor's mansion.

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In 1947, Raleigh citizens adopted a council–manager form of government, the current form.

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Raleigh is located in the northeast central region of North Carolina, where the Piedmont and Atlantic coastal plain regions meet.

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Raleigh is divided into several major geographic areas, each of which use a Raleigh address and a ZIP code that begins with the digits 276.

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One common division of Raleigh is to differentiate the central part of the city, which lies inside of the circumferential highway known as the Raleigh Beltline from areas outside of the Beltline.

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Midtown Raleigh is a relatively new term used to describe the residential and commercial area lying on the northside of the I-440 Beltline and is part of North Raleigh.

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East Raleigh is situated roughly from Capital Boulevard near the I-440 beltline to New Hope Road.

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Neighborhoods in East Raleigh include Hedingham, Longview, Lockwood, Madonna Acres, New Hope, Thompson-Hunter and Wilder's Grove.

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North Raleigh is an expansive, diverse, and fast-growing suburban area of the city that is home to established neighborhoods to the south along with many newly built subdivisions and along its northern fringes.

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South Raleigh is located along U S 401 south toward Fuquay-Varina and along US 70 into suburban Garner.

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Neighborhoods in South Raleigh include Eagle Creek, Renaissance Park, Lake Wheeler, Swift Creek, Carolina Pines, Rhamkatte, Riverbrooke, and Enchanted Oaks.

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Southeast Raleigh is bounded by downtown on the west, Garner on the southwest, and rural Wake County to the southeast.

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Raleigh is home to a wide variety of religious practitioners.

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Raleigh is part of North Carolina's Research Triangle, one of the country's largest and most successful research parks, and a major center in the United States for high-tech and biotech research, as well as advanced textile development.

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Raleigh was number one on the 2015 Forbes list of the best place for businesses and careers.

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Companies based in Raleigh include Advance Auto Parts, Bandwidth, Truist Financial, Building Materials Holding Corporation, Capitol Broadcasting Company, Carquest, First Citizens BancShares, Golden Corral, Martin Marietta Materials, PRA Health Sciences, Red Hat, Vontier, Waste Industries, and Lulu.

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In 2011, the Downtown Raleigh Amphitheater opened, which hosts numerous concerts primarily in the summer months.

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Raleigh is home to several professional arts organizations, including the North Carolina Symphony, the Opera Company of North Carolina, Theatre in the Park, Burning Coal Theatre Company, the North Carolina Theatre, Broadway Series South and the Carolina Ballet.

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Raleigh's downtown is home to many local art galleries such as Art Space in City Market, Visual Art Exchange, and 311 Gallery, on Martin Street, and Bee Hive Studios on Hargett Street.

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CAM Raleigh is a downtown contemporary art museum, on Martin Street, that serves to promote new artists and does not house a permanent collection.

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CAM Raleigh was designed by the award-winning architectural firm Brooks+Scarpa of Los Angeles.

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Raleigh area has hosted the Professional Golfers' Association Nationwide Tour Rex Hospital Open since 1994, with the current location of play at Raleigh's Wakefield Plantation.

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Raleigh is home to one of the Cheer Extreme All Stars gyms.

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Raleigh is home to one of the Southeast's premier Hardcourt Bike Polo clubs.

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Raleigh is the home of Raleigh Kubb, both a competitive and non-competitive kubb club.

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The J C Raulston Arboretum, an 8-acre arboretum and botanical garden in west Raleigh administered by North Carolina State University, maintains a year-round collection that is open daily to the public without charge.

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Public schools in Raleigh are operated by the Wake County Public School System, the largest public school system in the Carolinas.

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Raleigh is home to several magnet high schools and several schools offering the International Baccalaureate program.

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Raleigh is part of the Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville Designated Market Area, the 24th largest broadcast television market in the United States.

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Public transportation in and around Raleigh is provided by GoRaleigh, which operates 33 fixed bus routes, including the R-Line and the Wake-Forest Loop.

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