16 Facts About Boulevard


Boulevard is a type of broad avenue planted with rows of trees, or in parts of North America, any urban highway.

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In Iran, "Boulevard" is generally defined as a wide road surrounded by trees in sides and divided by a green space line including grass, trees or buxuses in the middle.

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Roxas Boulevard is a major boulevard in Metro Manila, Philippines.

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Osmena Boulevard is a boulevard in Cebu City, the Philippines' second city.

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Little Boulevard was built on the demolished medieval city walls of Pest in the late 19th century.

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Hungaria Boulevard was built from 1980 to 2000 and it is the widest and longest boulevard in Budapest with six to ten traffic lanes and a rapid tram line.

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Boulevard was recruited by the Prime Minister Guillaume du Tillot to become the architect of the recently installed Bourbon Dukes in Parma.

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Boulevard was the architect of the first Italian boulevard-promenade, based on the French promenades publiques, along what is Stradone Martiri della Liberta .

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The Almondvale Boulevard is a major road in Livingston, West Lothian.

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Gilbert Boulevard in Arnold is an example of a low-capacity highway named a boulevard.

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Barbaros Boulevard is opened in 1958 due to new city planning in Istanbul.

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Boulevard wanted to connect his imperial residence, Chapultepec Castle, to the Palacio Nacional in the city's center.

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In Charlotte, North Carolina, Independence Boulevard connects Uptown to the southeastern section of the city, although the westernmost segment is actually a freeway.

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The Orewa Boulevard is a project commissioned by the Rodney District Council with the vision of connecting the CBD to Orewa Beach.

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In Bogota, La Soledad Park Way Boulevard is a 1 kilometer important boulevard, in the Locality of Teusaquillo located in Bogota's City Center and it crosses from the street 35 to street 45.

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In Montevideo, Artigas Boulevard is an important avenue that encloses the central area.

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