14 Facts About Hearst Corporation


In 1903, Hearst Corporation created Motor magazine, the first title in his company's magazine division.

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Hearst Corporation acquired Cosmopolitan in 1905, and Good Housekeeping in 1911.

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In 1919, Hearst Corporation's book publishing division was renamed Cosmopolitan Book.

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Hearst Corporation continued his buying spree into the mid-1920s, purchasing the Baltimore News, the San Antonio Light, the Albany Times Union, and The Milwaukee Sentinel .

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In 1924, Hearst Corporation entered the tabloid market in New York City with New York Daily Mirror, meant to compete with the New York Daily News.

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In 1960, Hearst Corporation sold the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Detroit Times to The Detroit News.

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In 1953 Hearst Magazines bought Sports Afield magazine, which it published until 1999 when it sold the journal to Robert E Petersen.

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In 1993, Hearst Corporation closed the San Antonio Light after it purchased the rival San Antonio Express-News from Murdoch.

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In 1999, Hearst Corporation sold its Avon and Morrow book publishing activities to HarperCollins.

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In December 2003, Marvel Entertainment acquired Cover Concepts from Hearst Corporation, to extend Marvel's demographic reach among public school children.

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In 2011, Hearst Corporation absorbed more than 100 magazine titles from the Lagardere Group for more than $700 million and became a challenger of Time Inc ahead of Conde Nast.

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In December 2012, Hearst Corporation partnered again with NBCUniversal to launch Esquire Network.

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In January 2017, Hearst Corporation announced that it had acquired a majority stake in Litton Entertainment.

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In October 2017, Hearst Corporation announced it would acquire the magazine and book businesses of Rodale in Emmaus, Pennsylvania with some sources reporting the purchase price as about $225 million.

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