10 Facts About Uptown Charlotte


Uptown Charlotte is the central business district of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Uptown Charlotte is the largest business district in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

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Uptown Charlotte contains over 33 million square feet of office space.

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Uptown Charlotte is divided into four neighborhoods, or "wards", by the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets.

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Second Ward is the hospitality center of Uptown Charlotte with about half of the hotel rooms in Uptown Charlotte and it is an important employment center as well.

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Uptown Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the country behind New York City.

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Wells Fargo, whose Charlotte presence was Wachovia prior to being acquired by Wells Fargo, occupies numerous buildings in Uptown including Duke Energy Center, One Wells Fargo Center, Two Wells Fargo Center, Three Wells Fargo Center, and 300 South Brevard.

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One of the areas of Uptown Charlotte that has seen the most development since 2015 to 2021 is the Stonewall Corridor which runs along Stonewall Street and next to I-277 South from McDowell St to Bank of America Stadium.

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One of the first new buildings on Stonewall to start the building boom was Regions 615 which delivered in the Spring of 2017 since then the Bank of America Tower completed in early 2019, Honeywell Tower began construction in September 2019, Ally Uptown Charlotte Center delivered in May 2021 and many other buildings.

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Uptown Charlotte is surrounded by Interstate 277, an auxiliary highway which creates the boundaries of the four wards and is the innermost of the city's three ring roads.

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