17 Facts About Christ


Christ's teachings were initially conserved by oral transmission and he himself was often referred to as "rabbi".

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Christ was arrested and tried by the Jewish authorities, turned over to the Roman government, and crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect of Jerusalem.

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Christ's crucifixion is honored on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

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Christ's will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.

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The word Christ was a title or office, not a given name.

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Christ is a tireless wonder worker, the servant of both God and man.

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Christ is the friend of sinners and outcasts, come to seek and save the lost.

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Christ tells his followers to adhere to Jewish law, although he is perceived by some to have broken the law himself, for example regarding the Sabbath.

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Christ gives the people a choice between Jesus and a murderer called Barabbas .

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Christ taught about the Jewish Law, seeking its true meaning, sometimes in opposition to other traditions.

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Christ argues that repentance appears as a strong theme only in Luke, that repentance was John the Baptist's message, and that Jesus' ministry would not have been scandalous if the sinners he ate with had been repentant.

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Christ was executed on the orders of Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect of Judaea.

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Christ likely had a beard that was not particularly long or heavy.

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Christ is considered one of the four prophets, along with Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha and Mani.

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Christ says that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a metaphor for someone who nurtured and instructed Jesus, rather than physically giving birth to him.

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Antony Theodore in the book Jesus Christ in Love writes that there is an underlying oneness of Jesus' teachings with the messages contained in Quran, Vedas, Upanishads, Talmud and Avesta.

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Christ is typically joined by Mary, Joseph, animals, shepherds, angels, and the Magi.

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