10 Facts About Sabbath


Sabbath is observed in Judaism, Sabbatarian forms of Christianity, and Islam.

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Sabbath is first mentioned in the Genesis creation narrative, where the seventh day is set aside as a day of rest and made holy by God.

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Originally, Sabbath-breakers were officially to be cut off from the assembly or potentially killed.

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In Eastern Christianity, the Sabbath is considered still to be on Saturday, the seventh day, in remembrance of the Hebrew Sabbath.

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The Lemba keep one day a week holy like Sabbath, and maintain many beliefs and practices associated with Judaism.

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Some modern sects who are Sabbath keepers have suggested a Sabbath based on the New Moon citing Psalm 104:19 and Genesis 1:14 as a key prooftexts.

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The Lunar Sabbath theory is rejected by most Sabbatarian groups and Judaism as false and misleading but the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls translated by Eisenman and Wise show the Essene Jewish calendar revealing the first sabbath of the month of Nisan being on the 4th day 3 days after the new moon and kept every 7 days for the rest of the year.

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Since Hippolytus of Rome in the early third century, Christians have often considered that some thousand-year Sabbath, expected to begin six thousand years after Creation, might be identical with the millennium described in the Book of Revelation.

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The term "Sabbatism" or "Sabbatizing", which generically means any literal or spiritual Sabbath-keeping, has been taken in Hebrews 4:9 to have special reference to this definition.

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In McGowan v Maryland, the Supreme Court of the United States held that contemporary Maryland blue laws were intended to promote the secular values of "health, safety, recreation, and general well-being" through a common day of rest, and that this day coinciding with majority Christian Sabbath neither reduces its effectiveness for secular purposes nor prevents adherents of other religions from observing their own holy days.

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