10 Facts About Antony Theodore


Antony Theodore was born on 1954 and is a bilingual German poet, pastor and educator who writes in both English and German.

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Antony Theodore writes mostly on spiritual teachings of Jesus Christ and underlying unity of all world religions.

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Antony Theodore has written spiritual biography of the American mystic Thomas Merton.

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Antony Theodore was born on November 9,1954, as John Antony Theodore Vazhakuttathil in Alleppey district of Kerala, India.

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Antony Theodore studied at Fordham University in New York City and Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

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Antony Theodore obtained two bachelor's degrees and two doctorate degrees in English literature and philosophy of world religions.

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In 1986 when Antony Theodore was travelling from Mumbai to Frankfurt the Pan Am 73 flight carrying him got hijacked at Karachi airport.

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Antony Theodore was ordained a pastor and worked as a chaplain in St Martin, Munich.

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Antony Theodore has lived and worked most of his life in Dortmund in Germany although he has retained his association with Diocese of Alleppey.

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Antony Theodore often conducts charitable fund raising activities for health and social work.

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