10 Facts About Persian Gulf

1. Persian Gulf is home to over 700 species of fish, most of which are native.

2. Persian Gulf is home to many migratory and local birds.

3. From corals, to dugongs, Persian Gulf is a diverse cradle for many species who depend on each other for survival.

4. The Persian Gulf has hosted some of the most magnificent marine fauna and flora, some of which are near extirpation or at serious environmental risk.

5. Wildlife of the Persian Gulf is diverse, and entirely unique due to the gulf's geographic distribution and its isolation from the international waters only breached by the narrow Strait of Hormuz.

6. Persian Gulf islands are often historically significant, having been used in the past by colonial powers such as the Portuguese and the British in their trade or as acquisitions for their empires.

7. Persian Gulf is home to many islands such as Bahrain, an Arab state.

8. The water from the Persian Gulf has a higher salinity, and therefore exits from the bottom of the Strait, while ocean water with less salinity flows in through the top.

9. Persian Gulf is connected to Indian Ocean through Strait of Hormuz.

10. Countries with a coastline on the Persian Gulf are: Iran; Oman's Musandam exclave; the United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia Qatar, on a peninsula off the Saudi coast; Bahrain, on an island; Kuwait; and Iraq in the northwest.