6 Facts About Kabul

1. At this time, Kabul is said to have had a population of 10,000 people, including the walled quarter of Chindawol, built by the Kizilbash garrison who had served under Nadir Shah.

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2. The US Embassy in Kabul strongly recommends against flying the third carrier operating out of Kabul, Ariana Afghan Airlines.

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3. The US Embassy in Kabul does not authorize official personnel the use of other Afghan-certificated airlines, including Kam Air flights to and from destinations other than Dubai.

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4. The National Museum in Kabul is rich in Greek and Buddhist history.

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5. City of Kabul forms one of the 15 districts of Kabul Province.

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6. From the 1960s until the late 1970s, Kabul was a major stop on the famous Hippie trail.

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