18 Facts About Financial Times


Financial Times is a British daily newspaper printed in broadsheet and published digitally that focuses on business and economic current affairs.

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The Financial Times is headquartered in Bracken House at 1 Friday Street, near the city's financial centre, where it maintains its publishing house, corporate centre, and main editorial office.

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The Financial Times brought a higher circulation while the Financial News provided much of the editorial talent.

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On 13 May 1995 the Financial Times group made its first foray into the online world with the launch of FT.

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In 2000 the Financial Times started publishing a German-language edition, Financial Times Deutschland, with a news and editorial team based in Hamburg.

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The Financial Times launched a new weekly supplement for the fund management industry on 4 February 2002.

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In 2016, the Financial Times acquired a controlling stake in Alpha Grid, a London-based media company specialising in the development and production of quality branded content across a range of channels, including broadcast, video, digital, social and events.

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In 2018, the Financial Times acquired a controlling stake in Longitude, a specialist provider of thought leadership and research services to a multinational corporate and institutional client base.

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In 2020, the retraction of an opinion piece by a reporter for the Financial Times generated a controversy about the editorial independence of the paper from outside political pressure.

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Financial Times Group announced the beta launch of newssift, part of FT Search, in March 2009.

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The Financial Times Group acquired Money Media and Exec-Appointments (an online recruitment specialist site for the executive jobs market).

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Financial Times' Financial Publishing division provides print and online content for retail, personal and institutional finance audiences.

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Money-Media, a separate arm of Financial Times Publishing, delivers a range of digital information services for fund management professionals around the globe, including: Ignites, Ignites Europe, Ignites Asia, FundFire and BoardIQ.

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Financial Times Publishing includes publications and events (Investment Expert) for the European pensions industry.

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FT Predict is a prediction market contest hosted by the Financial Times that allows users to buy and sell contracts based on future financial, political and news-driven events by spending fictional Financial Times Dollars.

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In 2021, the Financial Times started publishing three multi-asset indexes with Wilshire Associates covering combinations of the top five cryptocurrencies.

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Financial Times was a key figure in the newspaper's transformation from hot metal to electronic composition and then onto full-page pagination in the 1990s.

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Financial Times joined the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics as Director of Business Policy in 1991 and was appointed Senior Fellow, Institute of Management, in 1997.

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