26 Facts About Utrecht


Utrecht is home to Utrecht University, the largest university in the Netherlands, as well as several other institutions of higher education.

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In Roman times, the name of the Utrecht fortress was simply Traiectum, denoting its location at a possible Rhine crossing.

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Utrecht is first spoken of again several centuries after the Romans left.

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The archbishops of Utrecht were based at the uneasy northern border of the Carolingian Empire.

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The importance of Utrecht as a centre of Christianity is illustrated by the election of the Utrecht-born Adriaan Florenszoon Boeyens as pope in 1522.

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In 1559 the bishopric of Utrecht was raised to archbishopric to make it the religious centre of the Northern ecclesiastical province in the Seventeen Provinces.

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In 1713, Utrecht hosted one of the first international peace negotiations when the Treaty of Utrecht settled the War of the Spanish Succession.

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Utrecht has been the religious centre of the Netherlands since the 8th century.

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Utrecht is the see of the archbishop of the Old Catholic Church, titular head of the Union of Utrecht, and the location of the offices of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, the main Dutch Protestant church.

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City of Utrecht is subdivided into 10 city quarters, all of which have their own neighbourhood council and service centre for civil affairs.

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Utrecht is the centre of a densely populated area, a fact which makes concise definitions of its agglomeration difficult, and somewhat arbitrary.

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Utrecht's cityscape is dominated by the Dom Tower, the tallest belfry in the Netherlands and originally part of the Cathedral of Saint Martin.

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Utrecht Centraal is the main railway station of Utrecht and is the largest in the country.

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Utrecht Centraal is a station on the night service, providing 7 days a week an all-night service to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Utrecht is the location of the headquarters of Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the largest rail operator in the Netherlands, and ProRail, the state-owned company responsible for the construction and maintenance of the country's rail infrastructure.

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Utrecht sneltram is a light rail scheme running southwards from Utrecht Centraal to the suburbs of IJsselstein, Kanaleneiland, Lombok and Nieuwegein.

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Main local and regional bus station of Utrecht is located adjacent to Utrecht Centraal railway station, at the East and West entrances.

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Local buses in Utrecht are operated by Qbuzz; its services include a high-frequency service to the Uithof university district.

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The economy of Utrecht depends for a large part on the several large institutions located in the city.

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Utrecht is home of one of the locations of TIAS School for Business and Society, focused on post-experience management education and the largest management school of its kind in the Netherlands.

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Utrecht city has an active cultural life, and in the Netherlands is second only to Amsterdam.

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Utrecht is host to the international Early Music Festival and the Netherlands Film Festival.

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Utrecht is home to the premier league football club FC Utrecht, which plays in Stadium Nieuw Galgenwaard.

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Utrecht is home to baseball and softball club UVV, which plays in the highest Dutch baseball league: de Hoofdklasse.

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In July 2013, Utrecht hosted the European Youth Olympic Festival, in which more than 2, 000 young athletes competed in nine different olympic sports.

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In July 2015, Utrecht hosted the Grand Depart and first stage of the Tour de France.

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