21 Facts About Aden


Little Aden became the site of the oil refinery and tanker port.

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Aden was the capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen until that country's unification with the Yemen Arab Republic in 1990, and again briefly served as Yemen's temporary capital during the aftermath of the Houthi takeover in Yemen, as declared by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi after he fled the Houthi occupation of Sana'a.

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From March to July 2015, the Battle of Aden raged between Houthis and government forces of President Hadi.

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Since February 2018, Aden has been seized by the Southern Transitional Council, that is supported by UAE, the Southern Transitional Council was formed from previous Aden Mayor Aidroos Alzubaidi after he was dismissed from his post by Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi together with sacked former Cabinet minister Salfi-religious leader Hani Bin Buraik.

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In 1609 The Ascension was the first English ship to visit Aden, before sailing on to Mocha during the fourth voyage of the East India Company.

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British interests in Aden began in 1796 with Napoleon's invasion of Egypt, after which a British fleet docked at Aden for several months at the invitation of the sultan.

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Aden had been an entrepot and a way-station for seamen in the ancient world.

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Until 1937, Aden was governed as part of British India and was known as the Aden Settlement.

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Aden's location made it a useful entrepot for mail passing between places around the Indian Ocean and Europe.

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Aden sent a team of two to the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Perth, Western Australia.

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Little Aden is still dominated by the oil refinery built for British Petroleum.

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Little Aden was well known to seafarers for its tanker port with a very welcoming seaman's mission near to the BP Aden tugs' jetties, complete with swimming pool and air conditioned bar.

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Little Aden has a local township and numerous picturesque fishing villages, including the Lobster Pots of Ghadir.

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On 18 January 1963, the Colony of Aden was incorporated into the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South against the wishes of North Yemen.

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An insurgency against British administration known as the Aden Emergency began with a grenade attack by the communist National Liberation Front, against the British High Commissioner on 10 December 1963, killing one person and injuring fifty, and a "state of emergency" was declared.

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Aden ceased to be a Colony of the United Kingdom and became the capital of a new state known as the People's Republic of South Yemen which, in 1970, was renamed the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.

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Aden was briefly the centre of the secessionist Democratic Republic of Yemen from 21 May 1994 but was reunited by Republic of Yemen troops on 7 July 1994.

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Aden was hit by violence in the aftermath of the coup d'etat, with forces loyal to Hadi clashing with those loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in a battle for Aden International Airport on 19 March 2015.

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Aden has a number of historical and natural sites of interest to visitors.

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Aden has produced potash, which was generally exported to Mumbai.

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Aden has a hot desert climate in the Koppen-Geiger climate classification system.

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