8 Facts About Haifa

1. In 2006, Haifa implemented a trial network of neighborhood mini-buses—named "Shkhunatit" and run by Egged.

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2. The University of Haifa, founded in 1963, is at the top of Mt.

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3. In 2004, Haifa had 16 municipal libraries stocking 367,323 books.

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4. In 2005, Haifa has 13 hotels with a total of 1,462 rooms.

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5. Port of Haifa is the leader in passenger traffic among Israeli ports, and is a major cargo harbor, although deregulation has seen its dominance challenged by the Port of Ashdod.

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6. The industrial region of Haifa is in the eastern part of the city, around the Kishon River.

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7. Under the Crusaders, Haifa was reduced to a small fortified coastal stronghold.

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8. The city of Haifa forms part of the Haifa metropolitan area, the second—or third-most populous metropolitan area in Israel.

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