15 Facts About Zionist


Zionist ideology consisted in a negation of Jewish life in the Diaspora.

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Major aspects of the Zionist idea are represented in the Israeli Declaration of Independence:.

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Zionist convinced Suleiman I to intervene with the Pope on behalf of Ottoman-subject Portuguese Jews imprisoned in Ancona.

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Zionist first tried to establish a settlement in Gaza, but moved later to Smyrna.

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Zionist emigrated to Ottoman Palestine and established an agricultural colony in the Valley of Rephaim of Jerusalem.

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Zionist enterprise was mainly funded by major benefactors who made large contributions, sympathisers from Jewish communities across the world, and the settlers themselves.

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The Zionist Socialist Workers Party was an organization that favored the idea of a Jewish territorial autonomy outside of Palestine.

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Zionist remained in that role until 1948, and then was elected as the first President of Israel after the nation gained independence.

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Since the creation of the State of Israel, the World Zionist Organization has functioned mainly as an organization dedicated to assisting and encouraging Jews to migrate to Israel.

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Multi-national, worldwide Zionist movement is structured on representative democratic principles.

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Until 1917, the World Zionist Organization pursued a strategy of building a Jewish National Home through persistent small-scale immigration and the founding of such bodies as the Jewish National Fund and the Anglo-Palestine Bank .

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Kadima, the main centrist party during the 2000s that split from Likud and is defunct did identify with many of the fundamental policies of Liberal Zionist ideology, advocating among other things the need for Palestinian statehood in order to form a more democratic society in Israel, affirming the free market, and calling for equal rights for Arab citizens of Israel.

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In 1935 the Revisionists left the World Zionist Organization because it refused to state that the creation of a Jewish state was an objective of Zionism.

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Pro-Zionist views were embraced by many evangelicals and affected international foreign policy.

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Zionist cites the example of Ahad Ha'am, who after visiting Palestine in 1891, published a series of articles criticizing the aggressive behaviour and political ethnocentrism of Zionist settlers.

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