13 Facts About Menorca


Some earliest culture on Menorca was influenced by other Mediterranean cultures, including the Greek Minoans of ancient Crete .

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When Menorca became a British possession in 1713, they actively encouraged the immigration of foreign non-Catholics, which included Jews who were not accepted by the predominantly Christian inhabitants.

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In 1231, after Christian forces took Majorca, Menorca chose to become an independent Islamic state, albeit one tributary to King James I of Aragon.

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Menorca was invaded by the British in 1798, during the French Revolutionary Wars, but it was finally repossessed by Spain by the terms of the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.

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From 1815 until the mid-century, the U S Navy developed its Mediterranean headquarters at Port Mahon, leaving behind the English Cemetery, Menorca, which was restored by the Spanish government in 2008 and is maintained in the 21st century.

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Menorca is generally wetter than Mallorca, with rainfall peaking in late autumn.

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Football in Menorca is played at the fifth level of the Spanish football pyramid.

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In 2014, it was announced that the island would host the 18th editions of the Island Games in 2019 Menorca later pulled out of hosting the event, citing a change of government as the main reason.

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Catalan spoken in Menorca is a variety known as Menorqui.

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Gin from Menorca is not derived from grain alcohol but from wine alcohol, making it more akin to brandy.

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Menorca is rich in wild flowers with over 900 species of flowering plants recorded.

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Menorca is a well watched island which is on the migration route of many species and good number of passage migrants can be seen in spring.

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In summer there are bee-eaters and Menorca has major colonies of Cory's shearwater and Balearic shearwater.

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