46 Facts About Amiens


The 1918 Battle of Amiens was the opening phase of the Hundred Days Offensive which directly led to the Armistice with Germany.

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Amiens has an important historical and cultural heritage, on which a significant amount of tourism is based.

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The 1918 Battle of Amiens was the opening phase of the Hundred Days Offensive which led directly to the Armistice with Germany that ended the war.

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At the regional level, Amiens is located 53 kilometres north of Beauvais, 71 kilometres west of Saint-Quentin, 66 kilometres from Compiegne and 102 kilometres from Laon.

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Main stem of the River Somme passes through Amiens and is generally benign, except during exceptional floods that can last up to several weeks .

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The Amiens citadel is built on this limestone butte of the Picard plateau and Rue Saint-Pierre is a slightly inclined path to leave the city from the north.

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Amiens has the typical oceanic climate of the north of France, with relatively mild winters, cool summers, and rainfall well distributed throughout the year.

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Amiens is a hub between the Ile de France and the rest of northern France; Normandy and Benelux; and France and Great Britain.

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Amiens is not directly on principal European road and rail arteries, such as the A1 motorway and the Paris-Lille TGV train line, at present.

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However, due to its position halfway between the urban areas of Lille and Paris, Amiens has good conditions for service and accessibility, including motorways .

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Amiens station is served by regional train services to destinations that include Rouen, Calais, Lille, Reims, Compiegne and Paris-Nord.

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In 2012, Amiens Metropole had 100 kilometres of routes for cyclists.

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Amiens is a city marked by a strong judicial tradition, with the historical presence of its Court of Appeal, the Cour d'appel d'Amiens, as well as all courts of first and second degree of judicial order.

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Amiens has friendly relations with Mianyang in China and Amiens in Australia.

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Inhabitants of Amiens are called the Amienois and their blason populaire is Ches maqueux d'gueugues .

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In 2011, the Amiens agglomeration included 46 nursery schools, six elementary schools and 54 primary schools including eleven private.

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Amiens metropole welcomes one of the largest student populations in France.

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CHU of Amiens figured in 11th place in the 2013 awards of the hospitals and clinics of the magazine Le Point.

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In 2005, the CHU of Amiens became of international renown thanks to Professor Bernard Devauchelle, a native of the city, where his team performed the first partial face transplant in the world.

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Thanks to a large proportion of youth in its population and the dynamism and the success of its sports clubs, Amiens has been awarded the title of "Sportiest city of France" by the L'Equipe newspaper in 1999.

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In 2013, Amiens Metropole had nearly 300 sports associations and Sports Recreation: approximately 150 associations are grouped within the Office of Amiens Metropole Sports and 150 others are referenced without being adherents.

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Compagnie d'Arc d'Amiens is an archery club founded on 14 November 1803.

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AC Amiens is the second biggest club in the city, currently playing in semi-professional Championnat National level.

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Amiens Metropole swim team, is that of Jeremy Stravius, who was a triple world champion of swimming and Olympic champion in the 4 × 100 m relay.

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Since the start of the Tour de France in 1903, Amiens has hosted the start of a stage on ten occasions and the stage finish ten times .

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Amiens hosted the finish of Stage 8 of the 2018 Tour de France.

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On 29 April 2006, Amiens hosted the French Federation of ice hockey created during the World Cup of Ice Hockey of Group B organised in Amiens at the same time.

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People of Amiens have other sources of information on their territory, such as the monthly publication of the Picardy regional Council, Agir en Picardie.

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Synagogue in Amiens is located at 12 Rue du Port d'Amont, near Pont-Beauville.

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City of Amiens has the largest Muslim community of Picardy and one of the largest in the north of the France.

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Amiens is the seat of the Regional Chamber of commerce and industry of Picardy.

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Strategic position of Amiens makes it an attractive destination for a weekend or a few days, from Paris, Lille or Brussels.

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Amiens has the label of Towns and Lands of Art and History since 1992.

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Amiens has an important historical and cultural heritage, and an accessible and varied natural heritage, on which tourism is based.

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Amiens Cathedral deserves the name given by M Viollet-le-Duc, 'the Parthenon of Gothic architecture'.

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Amiens Cathedral is notable for the coherence of its plan, the beauty of its three-tier interior elevation, the particularly fine display of sculptures on the principal facade and in the south transept, and inlays of its floor.

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Since July 2005, the belfry of Amiens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as part of a set of 56 Belfries of Belgium and France which were inscribed because of their architecture and their importance in the rise of municipal power in Northern France and Belgium.

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Amiens is known for the hortillonnages, gardens on small islands in over 300 hectares of marshland between the River Somme and River Avre, surrounded by a grid network of man-made canals .

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Amiens Metropole has nine cultural centers which cover much of the metropolitan area: Six in various districts of Amiens, and three in the neighbouring communes of Longueau, Camon and Glisy.

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Amiens is a wise city, even-tempered, and the company is friendly and literate.

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Amiens often attended the library of the industrial society, which subscribed to numerous scientific journals.

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Amiens was closely interested in the affairs of the city, wrote many reports on the theatre and brought its support to the construction of the municipal circus.

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Amiens does appear explicitly in his novels but there are however characteristic elements of the city such as the cathedral and the river.

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Amiens died in Amiens in 1905, and he deeply marked the town's footprint, so that today many places, monuments and events bear his name.

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In 1885, Englishman John Ruskin published the Bible of Amiens, which was translated into French, extensively annotated and prefaced, in 1904, by Marcel Proust.

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Amiens was elected, 5 years later, to the Academie francaise.

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