16 Facts About Reims


Reims later played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the coronation of the kings of France.

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The royal anointing was performed at the Cathedral of Reims, which housed the Holy Ampulla of chrism allegedly brought by a white dove at the baptism of Frankish king Clovis I in 496.

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Reims is recognized for the diversity of its heritage, ranging from Romanesque to Art-deco.

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Reims was first called in Latin, which is hypothesized to derive from a Gaulish name meaning "Door of Cortoro-".

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In 496—ten years after Clovis, King of the Salian Franks, won his victory at Soissons —Remigius, the bishop of Reims, baptized him using the oil of the sacred phial–purportedly brought from heaven by a dove for the baptism of Clovis and subsequently preserved in the Abbey of Saint-Remi.

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King Louis VII gave the title of duke and peer to William of Champagne, archbishop from 1176 to 1202, and the archbishops of Reims took precedence over the other ecclesiastical peers of the realm.

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Reims co-operates with 142 other communes in the Communaute urbaine du Grand Reims.

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Automobile Museum Reims-Champagne, established in 1985 by Philippe Charbonneaux, houses a collection of automobiles dating from 1903 to the present day.

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Libraries in Reims include a Carnegie library which was built in the 1920s.

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Biscuit rose de Reims is a biscuit frequently associated with Champagne wine.

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Between 1925 and 1969 Reims hosted the Grand Prix de la Marne automobile race at the circuit of Reims-Gueux.

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Stade Reims became the outstanding team of France in the 1950s and early 1960s and reached the final of the European Cup of Champions twice in that era.

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Reims is served by two main railway stations: Gare de Reims in the city centre, the hub for regional transport, and the new Gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV 5 kilometres southwest of the city with high-speed rail connections to Paris, Metz, Nancy and Strasbourg.

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In 2012 the first Reims Model United Nations was launched, which gathered 200 international students from all the Sciences Po campuses.

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Reims has an oceanic climate, influenced by its inland position.

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Reims has a relatively gloomy climate due to the said maritime influence and the dominance of low-pressure systems for much of the year.

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