16 Facts About Russian Empire

1. Russian Empire, known as Imperial Russia, spanned Eurasia from 1721 to 1917 and held colonies in North America between 1799 and 1867.

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2. From 1721 until 1762, the Russian Empire was ruled by the House of Romanov; its matrilineal branch of patrilineal German descent, the House of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov, ruled from 1762 until 1917.

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3. Russian Empire replaced the old boyar Duma with a nine-member Senate, in effect a supreme council of state.

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4. Russian Empire's removed the tax on beards instituted by Peter the Great.

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5. Russian Empire presided over the redrawing of the map of Europe at the Congress of Vienna, which ultimately made Alexander the monarch of Congress Poland.

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6. Russia attempted to expand to the southwest, at the expense of the Ottoman Russian Empire, using recently acquired Georgia at its base for its Caucasus and Anatolian front.

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7. In 1900, the Russian Empire invaded Manchuria as part of the Eight-Nation Alliance's intervention against the Boxer Rebellion.

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8. The Mensheviks believed that the Russian Empire working class was insufficiently developed and that socialism could be achieved only after a period of bourgeois democratic rule.

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9. Russian Empire's fell under the spell of a monk, Grigori Rasputin.

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10. Under Russia's revised Fundamental Law of 20 February 1906, the Council of the Russian Empire was associated with the Duma as a legislative Upper House; from this time the legislative power was exercised normally by the Emperor only in concert with the two chambers.

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11. Vassals and protectorates of the Russian Empire included the Emirate of Bukhara, the Khanate of Khiva, and, after 1914, Tuva.

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12. Judicial system of the Russian Empire was established by the statute of 20 November 1864 of Alexander II.

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13. The overall anti-Jewish policy of the Russian Empire led to significant sustained emigration.

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14. Military of the Russian Empire consisted of the Imperial Russian Army and the Imperial Russian Navy.

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15. Russian Empire was predominantly a rural society spread over vast spaces.

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16. Subjects of the Russian Empire were segregated into sosloviyes, or social estates such as nobility (dvoryanstvo), clergy, merchants, cossacks, and peasants.

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