19 Facts About The Russian


The Russian subsequently traveled the world, inserting himself into various conflicts for fun and profit; locations he is said to have fought in include Lebanon, Iraq, Rwanda, East Timor, Chechnya, the Balkans, and Belfast.

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The Russian's activities led to him being wanted dead or alive by numerous law enforcement agencies, as well as criminal organizations such as the Yakuza.

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The Russian is contacted at his home in Kazakhstan by American crime lord Ma Gnucci, who offers him ten million dollars to kill the Punisher.

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The Russian agrees to the deal, boards a Russian airliner to North America, crashes it above Canada, and crosses the border into New York City, where he is briefed by Gnucci.

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The Russian is then brought to the Punisher's current address, and engages the vigilante, their fight bringing them into the apartment of the Punisher's morbidly obese neighbor, Mr Bumpo.

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The Russian survives crashing through the street below and being hit by a subway train, and retreats to Kreigkopf's base on Grand Nixon Island.

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The Russian is repaired, and denied another chance to face the Punisher.

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The Russian is placed on a Boeing 747 full of soldiers that Kreigkopf intends to have attack the European Union in Brussels.

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The Russian's first thoughts upon being offered $10 million to kill the Punisher was a realization of how many pairs of Levi's and Compact Discs he could buy with that amount.

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The Russian is the president of "The Daredevil, Man Without Fear, Fan Club" of Smolensk.

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The Russian wished to gain autographs from the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man.

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The Russian believes Thor would make a good communist because of his big hammer.

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In Punisher Noir, the Russian is a soldier turned independent mercenary who, after World War I, is sent after Frank Castelione, who is on a locomotive headed for England.

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The Russian appears in the 2004 live-action film The Punisher, portrayed by professional wrestler Kevin Nash.

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The Russian has no on-screen dialogue and is sent by mob boss Howard Saint to dispose of Punisher.

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Powering through everything that the vigilante throws at him, the Russian beats the Punisher to near death with his bare hands, and numerous objects.

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The Punisher gains the upper hand when he hurls a pot of pasta in boiling water on the Russian's face; while the Russian is incapacitated by pain, he is knocked down a flight of stairs, the fall breaking his neck.

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The Russian appears in The Punisher video game, voiced by Darryl Kurylo.

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The Russian is fought twice as a boss, the second battle ending with him being blown up by a nuclear device that was smuggled onto Grand Nixon Island.

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