58 Facts About The Punisher


The Punisher is well known by his skull motif on his chest, originally envisioned by his creators as a skull-and-crossbones symbol on his right breast.

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In feature films, Dolph Lundgren portrayed the character in the 1989 film The Punisher, as did Thomas Jane in the 2004 film The Punisher, and Ray Stevenson in 2008's Punisher: War Zone.

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The Punisher was conceived by Gerry Conway, then-writer of The Amazing Spider-Man, and was inspired by The Executioner, a popular book series created by author Don Pendleton, in which a Vietnam veteran, Mack Bolan, becomes a serial killer of criminals after the Mafia-related deaths of his family.

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The Punisher was portrayed as a bloodthirsty vigilante who had no qualms about killing gangsters, something which most superheroes of the time refrained from doing.

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The Punisher is shown as a formidable fighter, skilled marksman, and able strategist.

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The Punisher is engaged in extensive soul-searching as to what is the right thing to do: although he has few qualms about killing, he is outraged when his then-associate, the Jackal, apparently kills an enemy by treacherous means rather than in honorable combat.

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The Punisher appeared in numerous one-shots and miniseries, and made frequent guest appearances in other Marvel comics, ranging from superhero series to the Vietnam War-era comic The 'Nam.

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The Punisher acquired a nemesis in the form of the Kingpin, a longtime Spider-Man and Daredevil foe, and developed enmity with Daredevil himself, who likewise abhorred and fought against the Punisher's brutal methods.

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The publisher attempted a re-launch almost immediately, with a new ongoing series Punisher, under the new Marvel Edge imprint, by writer John Ostrander, in which the Punisher willingly joined and became the boss of an organized crime family, and later confronted the X-Men and Nick Fury.

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Writer Christopher Golden's four-issue Marvel Knights miniseries The Punisher: Purgatory posited a deceased Punisher resurrected as a supernatural agent of various angels and demons.

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The look of the Punisher was modified further removing the white gloves and pairing his traditional skull imprinted shirt with combat trousers, black combat boots and a black trench coat.

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The Punisher made it explicit that Castle's timeline was fixed, while Marvel adjusted those of its other characters, with his history never altered or moved up in time.

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Miniseries Born by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson further examines Castle's roots, tracing them back to his third tour of the Vietnam War, where he undergoes a psychological and possibly supernatural transformation into the Punisher to survive a massive assault on his fortification by the combined forces of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army.

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The Punisher joins up with the Legion of Monsters to help protect the monsters of Monster Metropolis from the Hunter of Monster Special Force.

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Later, the Punisher loses an eye while fighting a new version of the Vulture.

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The Punisher later confronts a recuperated Rachel Cole-Alves in a Hotel where members of the Exchange were meeting.

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The Punisher informs the villains present that since he cannot take them with him, he is going to have to do something with all of his bullets.

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The Punisher agrees to help, and is airlifted to Tikrit, where he works on "punishing" the Black Dawn, a terrorist group that had been filming themselves executing American hostages, including a former associate of the Punisher's.

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The Punisher's first target is a former mercenary outfit called Condor, that is currently selling a drug called EMC to terrorists and gang members because it gives users enhanced confidence, perception, strength and pain tolerance.

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The Punisher explains Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers's overall plan to use the Cosmic Cube is to put everything back to the way it was.

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The Punisher is shown atoning for his involvement with Hydra by killing every Hydra agent he can find.

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The story ditched the War Machine armor, but kept the idea of the Punisher operating at the international level, dealing with an ill-fated battle against Baron Zemo.

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The Punisher is a thin character on his own merits, but that allows for a lot of interpretations and different angles of approach.

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The Punisher clarified that the retcon was only for the character in the main Marvel universe and not for the version in the MAX Comics, that retained the first origin.

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The Punisher is the recipient of intense infantry training from the United States Marine Corps and special operations training by Force Recon.

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From this training, the Punisher is proficient in not only basic infantry and special operations skills, but the use and maintenance of specialized firearms, equipment, and explosive ordnance.

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The Punisher is highly trained in infiltration into heavily guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and military intelligence.

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The Punisher is highly proficient at hand-to-hand combat, and has been trained in multiple forms of martial arts such as Chin Na, Hwa Rang Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Nash Ryu Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Shorin-ryu Karate and Systema.

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The Punisher refuses to take painkillers, as he feels that their benefit of dulling pain is not worth the side effects of drowsiness and slowed reflexes.

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The Punisher maintains multiple safehouses and vehicles around the greater New York City area as well as multiple forged identities and bank accounts.

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The Punisher has a Kevlar uniform which protects him from most gunfire, though he can still suffer concussive injury or penetration from sufficient or repeated impacts.

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The Punisher uses a large variety of firearms in his war on crime; including fully automatic rifles, shotguns, flame throwers, or whatever he can get his hands on.

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Martin Soap was secretly allied with the Punisher and gave him information on his targets from the police database.

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The Punisher is later named Minister of Punishment in Doctor Doom's 2099 government.

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The Punisher is joined by Polly, a lab-bred humanoid who becomes his partner.

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The Punisher is the daughter of Frank Castle and Elektra Natchios and has a son named Franklin.

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The Punisher featured in a number of more extended looks at alternative universes and lives such as the Age of Apocalypse's Frank Castle.

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The Punisher: A Man Named Frank, written by Chuck Dixon, was a western themed take on the character.

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The Punisher's wife died from cancer and Castelione is killed by Jigsaw, Barracuda and the Russian after a fight.

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The Punisher appears in Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution, where he appears zombified along with other zombies attacking the Marvel Apes.

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The Punisher eventually dies in a final confrontation with Silverback.

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The Punisher shot Electro before he was stabbed in the chest during a sneak attack from Kraven the Hunter.

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The Punisher survived the attack and resumed his war on crime, killing Nuke and other criminals.

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The Punisher was unfortunately assimilated by a Poison along with his symbiote, thus creating Poison Punisher.

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The Punisher continued to face off against that universe's heroes, successfully bonding Devil Dinosaur to a symbiote, but was killed when Agent Anti-Venom arrived and attempted to free him from the Poison, only to find he was hollow, having been already consumed by the Poison.

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However, when Thanos came to Earth, the Punisher was one of the last casualties during the last stand of the heroes and his soul was sent to Hell.

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Willing to give anything in order to punish Thanos for slaughtering his planet, the Punisher signed a demonic deal with Mephisto and became the Ghost Rider.

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The Punisher eventually began to lose his mind when even Mephisto fell silent to his calls.

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Alternative universe Ultimate Marvel version of The Punisher is Frank Castle, an ex-NYPD police officer whose family was killed by corrupt police officers who knew he was going to expose them.

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The Punisher manages to kill the one responsible for his family's death after sympathetic cops "accidentally" place him as the man's cellmate.

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The Punisher is saved from the death penalty by Nick Fury orchestrating his release from custody in exchange for joining the Avengers.

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Five years prior, the Punisher raided a Mafia deal in a warehouse, incidentally releasing the plague.

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The Punisher is one of the few people immune to the pathogen, the others being Hawkeye and Wolverine.

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The Punisher is one of few heroes who do not accept Dr Doom's offer of wearing a Doom Stone to prevent the infection.

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The Punisher rescued a pregnant Mary Jane Parker from the hands of a flesh-eating Kingpin and his cohorts.

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The Punisher stays behind on Manhattan to continue his hunt for cannibals.

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The Punisher was a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and the Second Gulf War, where he and Maria Walls were the only survivors of a massive firefight.

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The Punisher then worked as a mercenary for Tony Stark's private military company, WAR MACHINE.

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