25 Facts About War Machine


War Machine is a fictional superhero character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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In 2012, War Machine was ranked 31st in IGN's list of "The Top 50 Avengers".

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War Machine fought in the Beyonder's "Secret Wars" and became a charter member of the West Coast Avengers.

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War Machine rejoined the West Coast Avengers as War Machine and served with the team until he resigned after an argument with Iron Man during an Avengers team meeting.

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War Machine was offered the job of President Of Corporate Liaison Operations, but kept away from Fujikawa's attempt to discover the secrets to Stark's Iron Man armor technology contained in a single gauntlet.

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War Machine is informed by the New York Police Department that his sister Jeanette "Star" Rhodes was killed in a notorious section of Brooklyn overridden with crime and drugs known as "Little Mogadishu".

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War Machine discovers that the criminals that killed Jeanette were drug dealers working for the 66 Bridges, a powerful street gang with a big percentage of East Coast criminal operations.

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War Machine began developing doubts about the nature of his job, such as being ordered to arrest the Black Panther and Storm when they refused to sign SHRA.

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Rhodes becomes War Machine and was made field commander and a director of Camp Hammond to help train SHRA registered recruits of the Fifty State Initiative program.

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War Machine made his way to a weapons depot in Tatischevo where the Winter Guard was protecting the nuclear weapons from the Skrulls.

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War Machine escaped, and, with Endo's help, used the warship to destroy the Skrull fleet with the Winter Guard disobeying orders so that they could aid Rhodes.

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When War Machine confronts the alleged dead man, Addley's response is to drop a nuclear weapon on him.

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War Machine learns from the Prince of Orphans that the "Eighth City" has been opened.

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War Machine wakes up inside a warehouse where his War Machine armor was deactivated and strapped down.

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War Machine's then removes the War Machine armor from James Rhodes and makes it bulkier using the other components in the warehouse as she dons it.

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War Machine soon learned that Punisher had been using his previous War Machine suit to kill the remaining Hydra remnants due to being manipulated by them during their Secret Empire.

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Moments later, War Machine arrives with his armor, U S Agent's shield, and the equipment of Quake and Mockingbird as he fights off the Deathloks.

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When commanded this sputnik can transform into a convertible extension of Rhodey's War Machine Armor, becoming a massive Iron Man Model chassis with which to take out entire fleets of space ships.

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War Machine is seen battling zombies, but to prevent infection within him, he ultimately retreats to the helicarrier.

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War Machine is seen as the last survivor, along with Sandman and Uatu on the last series.

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War Machine comes from a poorer family and the fact that he is there because of the school's racial quota.

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War Machine saves two abducted U S Army officers from the hands of the terrorists.

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War Machine's ruthlessness is shown ever further as he contemplates continuing his attack, until Captain America reminds him that any "Collateral Damage" involving school children would be a Public Relations and Political nightmare prompting War Machine to back off, but for all the wrong reasons.

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Future equivalent of War Machine is Howard Anthony Stark, the son of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

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War Machine is seen as a cyborg in his own Iron Man armor during a flashforward to an apocalyptic future 41 years ahead where the Mandarin has conquered the world.

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