94 Facts About Tony Stark


Later, Tony Stark develops his suit, adding weapons and other technological devices he designed through his company, Tony Stark Industries.

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Tony Stark uses the suit and successive versions to protect the world as Iron Man.

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Tony Stark wanted to create the "quintessential capitalist", a character that would go against the spirit of the times and Marvel's readership.

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Tony Stark was a weapons manufacturer, he was providing weapons for the Army, he was rich, he was an industrialist.

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Tony Stark set out to make the new character a wealthy, glamorous ladies' man, but one with a secret that would plague and torment him as well.

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Tony Stark was an inventor, an adventurer, a multi-billionaire, a ladies' man and finally a nutcase.

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One exception is the direct-to-DVD animated feature film The Invincible Iron Man, in which the armor Tony Stark uses to escape his captors is not the first Iron Man suit.

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Tony Stark's real-life model, Howard Hughes, was a significant defense contractor who developed new weapons technologies.

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Tony Stark, writes Genter, is an inventor who finds motive in his emasculation as an autonomous creative individual.

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Tony Stark is injured by a booby trap and captured by enemy forces led by Wong-Chu.

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Wong-Chu orders Tony Stark to build weapons, but Tony Stark's injuries are dire and shrapnel is moving towards his heart.

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Tony Stark takes revenge on his kidnappers and rejoins the American forces, on his way meeting a wounded American Marine fighter pilot, James "Rhodey" Rhodes.

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Back home, Tony Stark discovers that the shrapnel fragment lodged in his chest cannot be removed without killing him, and he is forced to wear the armor's chestplate beneath his clothes to act as a regulator for his heart.

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The cover story that Tony Stark tells the news media and general public is that Iron Man is his robotic personal bodyguard, and corporate mascot.

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Tony Stark was medically examined, which revealed his hidden equipment, and was hospitalized, forcing Pepper to have Happy don his employer's armor to pose as Iron Man to protect his boss's secret identity.

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Tony Stark develops a serious dependency on alcohol in the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline.

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Fully recovered, Tony Stark confronts Stane who has himself designed armor based on designs seized along with Tony Stark International, dubbing himself the 'Iron Monger'.

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The situation worsens when Tony Stark realizes that Stingray's armor does not incorporate any of his designs.

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When Firepower goes rogue, Tony Stark creates a new suit, claiming a new person is in the armor.

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Tony Stark undergoes special surgery to have a nerve chip implanted into his spine to regain his mobility.

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Tony Stark begins to pilot a remote-controlled Iron Man armor, but when faced with the Masters of Silence, the telepresence suit proves inadequate.

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Tony Stark eventually makes a full recovery by using a chip to create an entirely new nervous system, and resumes as Iron Man in a new Telepresence Armor.

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When Rhodes learns that Tony Stark has manipulated his friends by faking his own death, he becomes enraged and the two friends part ways.

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Franklin Richards preserves these "dead" heroes in the "Heroes Reborn" pocket universe, in which Tony Stark is an adult hero; Franklin recreates the heroes in the pocket universe in the forms he is most familiar with rather than what they are at the present.

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The reborn adult Tony Stark, upon returning to the normal Marvel Universe, merges with the original Tony Stark, who had died during "The Crossing", but was resurrected by Franklin Richards.

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At one point, Tony Stark's armor becomes sentient despite fail-safes to prevent its increasingly sophisticated computer systems from doing so.

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When he discovers that the United States military is again using his technology, and its defective nature nearly causes a disaster in Washington, DC which Iron Man barely manages to avert, Tony Stark accepts a Presidential appointment as Secretary of Defense.

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Tony Stark publicly stands down as Iron Man, but continues using the costume.

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Tony Stark joins the Avengers in stopping the breakout in progress from the Raft and even saves Captain America from falling.

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Tony Stark's goal is to create a governing body for all superheroes in the world, but the beliefs of its members instead force them all to share vital information.

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The series inaugural six-part storyline was "The Five Nightmares", which saw Tony Stark targeted by Ezekiel Stane, the son of Tony Stark's former nemesis, Obadiah Stane.

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Tony Stark goes so far as to inflict brain damage on himself in order to ensure that the relevant information is wiped.

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When Osborn catches up to the debilitated Tony Stark and beats him savagely, Pepper Potts broadcasts the beatings worldwide, costing Osborn credibility and giving Tony Stark public sympathy.

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Tony Stark goes into a vegetative state, having previously granted Donald Blake power of attorney.

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Meanwhile, Tony Stark is trapped in his subconscious, where figments of his own mind prevent him from returning to the waking world.

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The backup Tony Stark created was made prior to the Civil War, and as such he does not remember anything that took place during the event, although he still concludes after reviewing his past actions that he would not have done anything differently.

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General Bruce Babbage forces Tony Stark to wear a tech governor, a device that allows Babbage to deactivate Tony Stark's armor whenever he wants.

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Tony Stark's personality is inverted during the events of AXIS, bringing out more dark aspects of himself like irresponsibility, egotism and alcoholism.

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Daredevil deduces that Tony Stark had added Extremis to the water supply and the phones only transmit an activation signal, but Tony Stark subjects Murdock to minor brain damage to prevent him from sharing this revelation with others.

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When his analysis of Ulysses brain is completed, Tony Stark reveals that Ulysses does not actually see the future, but simply assembles large quantities of data to project likely outcomes.

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Mary Jane Watson and other Tony Stark employees find that Tony Stark's body has completely vanished from its pod, despite tests taken mere hours ago showing no sign of improvement or brain activity.

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Now having a new destiny, Arno Tony Stark became the latest person to take on the Iron Man mantle.

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Tony Stark develops an electronics pack during the Armor Wars that, when attached to armors that use Tony Stark technologies, will burn out those components, rendering the suit useless.

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Post-Secret Wars, Tony Stark uses a more streamlined suit of armor that uses nanotechnology to shape shift into other armors or weapons.

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Tony Stark's enhanced technopathy extends to every piece of technology, limitless and effortlessly due to his ability to interface with communication satellites and wireless connections to increase his "range".

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The procedure left him with virtually no autonomic functions: as his brain was stripped of every biological function, Tony Stark is forced to rely on a digital backup of his memories and on software routine in the arc reactor for basic stimuli reaction, such as blinking and breathing.

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Tony Stark is an inventive genius whose expertise in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science rivals that of Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Bruce Banner, and his expertise in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering surpasses even theirs.

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Tony Stark is regarded as one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe.

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Tony Stark graduated with advanced degrees in physics and engineering at the age of 17 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and further developed his knowledge ranging from artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics as time progressed.

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Tony Stark's expertise extends to his ingenuity in dealing with difficult situations, such as difficult foes and deathtraps, in which he is capable of using available tools, including his suit, in unorthodox but effective ways.

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However, while Stane was confident that such a trap was inescapable, Tony Stark is able to outwit and defeat its mechanism in seconds, thus freeing the hostages and allowing him to continue the battle against Stane.

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Tony Stark is well respected in the business world, able to command people's attention when he speaks on economic matters, having over the years built up several multimillion-dollar companies from virtually nothing.

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Tony Stark is noted for the loyalty he commands from and returns to those who work for him, as well as for his business ethics.

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Tony Stark strives to be environmentally responsible in his businesses.

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At a time when Tony Stark was unable to use his armor for a period, he received some combat training from Captain America and has become physically formidable on his own when the situation demands it.

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Tony Stark is last seen using his armor to power the colony's printing press.

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Andros destroys Iron Man with his ultra-beam, afterward, Hawkeye managed to implant the virus on Andros's armor, and realized that all this is because Tony Stark was trying to save himself by using the virus to stop Andros using his nano-virus which is actually the original seed for the Vortex virus.

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Tony Stark quickly destroys the last nano-virus arrow, saving Andros.

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Five years later, Tony Stark has donned the Iron Patriot armor and is the President of the United States.

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Tony Stark's headquarters is revealed to be a giant armor, based on the old Godzilla fighting mecha, the Red Ronin, which he uses to delay the Celestial attack until the coming of Galactus, sacrificing his life in the process.

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On Earth-818 which was conquered by Multiversal Masters of Evil member Black Skull, Tony Stark was forced by Black Skull to build the War Machines to build his army.

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Tony Stark worked with his father from an early age, and surpassed his father's technical brilliance by the age of 16.

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Tony Stark became the key supplier of hi-tech weaponry used to fight mutants, and was on the verge of a technological breakthrough when the Mutant-Human war came to an end.

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Tony Stark Industries scored its biggest victory when it secured the Sentinel production contracts, pushing major competitor, Jason Wyngarde, out of business.

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Sigurd Tony Stark was the fifth richest person on the world thanks to his genius about technology, however due to his lack of memories before five years, taunted him driving to drink.

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Tony Stark got poisoned by an arrow, slowing killing him and taken by the Elves to aid their other prisoner Eitri in order to build powerful weapons for the Elves.

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In Marvel and DC's Amalgam Comics, Tony Stark is merged with the Green Lantern Hal Jordan into the Iron Lantern.

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Tony Stark comes from an alternative reality where most of the Avengers were killed when they encountered the vicious alien Titannus in space.

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Tony Stark is defeated thanks to Spider-Man and X-23's use of their own version of the fastball special to destroy his equipment, shortly after 'warning' the other heroes of the Titannus War.

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Shortly after the alternative Tony Stark is transferred to a conventional cell, Titannus soon arrives and fights the heroes, this time confronting a new group of Defenders assembled by Doctor Strange.

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Tony Stark subsequently battled Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and Luke Cage, but was only defeated after the sacrifice of rookie hero Freedom Ring, who kept Iron Maniac occupied long enough for Captain America to knock him out with a shield thrown at the back of his neck.

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In Iron Man Noir, Tony Stark is an industrialist in the 1930s.

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Tony Stark is an adventurer, whose exploits are recorded in Marvels: A Magazine Of Men's Adventure.

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Tony Stark is initially accompanied by his associate James Rhodes, his personal assistant Giulietta Nefaria and his biographer Vergil Munsey.

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Tony Stark's heart having been damaged on an earlier adventure, Stark keeps it going with repulsor technology installed and recharged by Stark Industries engineer Edwin Jarvis.

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Tony Stark is succeeded by Antoinette Stark, his twin sister, a former agent of SHIELD, who turns Iron Man into a massive operation - a veritable army of Iron Men in many forms, with herself as Iron Woman.

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Tony Stark appears in Marvel Zombies 2, one of the small group of super-powered zombies that have eaten their way across all known space.

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Tony Stark appears to have forgotten he had some design in the machine which opened a link to the Ultimate Universe.

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Tony Stark was shocked to see Forge, one of the surviving X-Men, wearing his Mark I armored suit.

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At the point where the zombies reach this new reality, the period is nearly identical to the one where Tony Stark was an alcoholic.

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Crucial to fate of the multiverse are the nanites that Tony Stark has accidentally created, which destroy damaged flesh and tissue as a cure for cancer, and prove to be a potent weapon against the zombies.

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Tony Stark's nanites are then used by his successor, now a member of the New Avengers, years later to kill the remaining super-powered zombies and end the inter-dimensional zombie threat.

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Tony Stark is portrayed as conceited and thinks himself the best of the team.

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In Mutant X, Tony Stark is Iron Giant Man and part of the anti-mutant group the Avengers.

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Tony Stark was later killed by X-Man Captain America along with the other Avengers.

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Tony Stark's transformation is noticed by the National Security Agency's Project Spitfire, which is discreetly monitoring the superhumans created by the Fireworks.

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In Spider-Gwen Tony Stark of Earth-65 is an arms dealer, the owner of global private military company WAR MACHINE, and owner of the coffee chain StarkBucks.

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Tony Stark fails to gain the affection of Nick Fury and to get a kiss from the spider-powered superhuman, Nell Ruggles, known as Arachnophilia.

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Tony Stark, with help from the Hulk, manages to salvage the empty armor of Ziran, a Celestial, and realizes it can be controlled by thoughts.

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Tony Stark takes control of the armor and connects it to the Negative Zone, allowing him to call on all the power of that reality.

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Tony Stark's sacrifice allows Wolverine to trick Thanos into a position where the Gauntlet could be removed.

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In What If: Iron Man: Demon in an Armor, Tony Stark is Doom's college roommate rather than Reed Richards, inspiring Doom to develop a machine that allows him to transfer his mind into Stark's body while leaving Stark trapped in Doom's body with no memory of his past.

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Tony Stark went on to feature again in his own series in the 1990s as part of the Marvel Action Hour with the Fantastic Four; Robert Hays provided his voice in these animated cartoons.

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An anime adaptation aired in Japan in late 2010 as part of a collaboration between Marvel Animation and Madhouse, in which Tony Stark, voiced by Keiji Fujiwara, travels to Japan where he ends up facing off against the Zodiac.

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