12 Facts About Marvel Zombies


Marvel Zombies is a five-issue limited series published from December 2005 to April 2006 by Marvel Comics.

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Kirkman was Marvel's first choice to write Marvel Zombies, an offer Kirkman immediately accepted because of his love for zombies and Marvel comic books, feeling that he couldn't pass up such an opportunity.

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Marvel Zombies expressed excitement upon learning which artist would be in charge of illustrating the series; Kirkman was a longtime fan of Phillips' work, like in DC Comics' Sleeper.

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Kirkman added some black comedy to the story, and included some gore like most zombie stories do, expressing some shock at how Marvel Zombies allowed him and Phillips to incorporate those elements.

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Marvel Zombies particularly liked to illustrate the zombie versions of Thor and Captain America.

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Sequel to the original series, the five-issue Marvel Zombies 2, was published from October 2007 to February 2008, and Marvel Zombies 3 a four-issue series, commenced October 2008.

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Marvel Zombies 4 is a four-issue limited series published over the summer of 2009, and features characters from Marvel's horror comics.

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Marvel Zombies 5 is a five-issue direct sequel to Marvel Zombies 4, published in June and ending in October 2010.

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Marvel Zombies Return is a five-issue miniseries begun in September 2009, and is a direct sequel to Marvel Zombies 2 that wraps up the original zombie plotline.

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Marvel Zombies universe was featured in the 2015 Secret Wars storyline where it had its own tie-in miniseries, Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies.

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The Battleworld domain of the Marvel Zombies is called the Deadlands where it, Ultron's domain, Perfection, and Annihilation's realm, New Xandar, all are separated from the other Battleworld domains by a wall called SHIELD, which is mostly made from Ben Grimm.

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The "Wizkids Marvel Zombies" set contains a zombie Galactus colossal figure, which does not have the same Z-Virus keyword as the rest of the Marvel Zombies Zombie characters.

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