12 Facts About Marvel Comics

1. Marvel Comics is an American comic book publisher and primary imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc (formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc and Marvel Comics Group), part of Marvel Entertainment.

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2. Marvel Comics ventured into audio in 1975 with a radio series and a record, both had Stan Lee as narrator.

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3. In 1990, Marvel Comics began selling Marvel Comics Universe Cards with trading card maker SkyBox International.

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4. In late 1994, Marvel Comics acquired the comic book distributor Heroes World Distribution to use as its own exclusive distributor.

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5. Marvel Comics created new imprints, such as MAX and Marvel Comics Adventures (developed for child audiences).

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6. Marvel Comics published additional titles including miniseries until 2000 for a total of 650 issues.

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7. Marvel Comics moved its office to the Sports Illustrated Building in October 2010.

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8. Marvel Comics relaunched the CrossGen imprint, owned by Disney Publishing Worldwide, in March 2011.

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9. Marvel Comics responded to these complaints by rescinding these ordering requirements on newer series, but maintained it on more long-running titles like Invincible Iron Man.

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10. On March 25, 2021, Marvel Comics announced that they planned to shift their direct market distribution for monthly comics and graphic novels from Diamond Comic Distributors to Penguin Random House.

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11. Therefore it wasn't easy for readers to tell which titles were produced by which Executive Editor … In late '94, Marvel Comics reorganized into a number of different publishing divisions, each with its own Editor-in-Chief.

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12. Marvel Comics reinstated the overall editor-in-chief position in 1995 with Bob Harras.

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