13 Facts About CrossGen


Cross Generation Entertainment or CrossGen was an American comic book publisher and entertainment company that operated from 1998 to 2004.

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CrossGen's assets were acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2004, and designated to Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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Unlike other comics publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics, which rely mainly on freelance writers and artists, most of CrossGen's talent were salaried employees of the company and worked out of its headquarters in Oldsmar, Florida.

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CrossGen's publications covered a variety of genres with characters inhabiting a single shared universe.

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Protagonists of the first wave of CrossGen comics were linked in commonality by the Sigil each character had received.

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Code6 was another imprint of CrossGen Entertainment created to publish titles set outside of the Sigilverse, such as The Red Star, Demonwars, and The Crossovers.

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CrossGen was among the first comics companies to publish online.

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In 2003, CrossGen found itself in a scandal over freelancer payments, exposing systemic financial problems.

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CrossGen filed for bankruptcy in June 2004 and ceased publishing, leaving titles such as Sojourn, Negation War, Brath, and many others cancelled mid-story.

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The majority of CrossGen's titles took place within a shared universe, informally dubbed the Sigilverse by CrossGen fans.

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CrossGen collected several of the above titles in trade paperback format.

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CrossGen published two monthly anthologies, referred to as compendia, that reprinted several titles from the main shared continuity.

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CrossGen later used this compendium format to collect runs of single titles, such as Meridian and The Path, to reported success.

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