33 Facts About Chiwetel Ejiofor

1. Chiwetel Ejiofor garnered the prestigious Academy Award nomination for his performance in '12 Years a Slave'.

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2. Chiwetel Ejiofor was born in Forest Gate, London on July 10, 1977, to parents Arinze, a doctor and Obiajulu Ejiofor, a pharmacist.

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3. Chiwetel Ejiofor does not have children from any of his relationships.

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4. Chiwetel Ejiofor dated English actress Naomie Harris from 2000 to 2007.

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5. Chiwetel Ejiofor garnered much critical acclaim for the role, including a best actor Golden Globe nod and an Academy Award nomination for best actor in 2014.

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6. Chiwetel Ejiofor directed the 2008 short film Slapper; the same year he appeared in the David Mamet martial arts film Redbelt and performed lead in a stage revival of Othello, winning the Laurence Olivier award.

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7. Chiwetel Ejiofor was officially chosen on 1 November 2017 for the role of Scar for the computer animated remake, The Lion King (2019) directed by Jon Favreau.

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8. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon with a powerful inner strength, yet he never soft-pedals the silent nightmare that is Solomon's daily existence.

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9. Chiwetel Ejiofor was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor for his performance.

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10. Chiwetel Ejiofor starred alongside Hilary Swank in Red Dust, portraying the fictional politician Alex Mpondo of post-apartheid South Africa.

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11. Chiwetel Ejiofor went on to become a stage actor in London.

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12. Chiwetel Ejiofor played the title role in Othello at the Bloomsbury Theatre in September 1995, and again at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow in 1996, when he starred opposite Rachael Stirling as Desdemona.

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13. Chiwetel Ejiofor got into the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art but left after his first year, after being cast in Steven Spielberg's film Amistad.

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14. Chiwetel Ejiofor continued acting at his senior school, Dulwich College and joined the National Youth Theatre.

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15. In 1988, when Chiwetel Ejiofor was 11, during a family trip to Nigeria for a wedding, he and his father were driving to Lagos after the celebrations when their car was involved in a head-on crash with a lorry.

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16. Chiwetel Ejiofor was elevated to Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2015 Birthday Honours.

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17. Chiwetel Ejiofor was nominated for a 2014 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for his performance on Dancing on the Edge.

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18. Chiwetel Ejiofor scripted the British film, which is based on the book of the same name by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer.

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19. Chiwetel Ejiofor is going behind the camera for the first time to direct The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind for Netflix.

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20. Chiwetel Ejiofor scripted the British film, which is based on the book of the same.

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21. In 2014, Chiwetel Ejiofor starred in the Nigerian film Half of a Yellow Sun alongside Thandie Newton.

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22. As of September 2013, Chiwetel Ejiofor was slated to portray Patrice Lumumba in a film adaptation of Aime Cesaire's A Season in the Congo, a role in which he had performed on stage at the Young Vic.

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23. Chiwetel Ejiofor was always going to be Solomon Northup for me.

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24. In 2013, Chiwetel Ejiofor took on the role of Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave.

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25. Chiwetel Ejiofor appeared alongside John Cusack in the film 2012.

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26. Chiwetel Ejiofor was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2008 Birthday Honours.

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27. In 2007, Chiwetel Ejiofor starred opposite Don Cheadle in Talk to Me, a film based on the true story of Ralph "Petey" Greene, an African-American radio personality in the 1960s and 1970s.

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28. Chiwetel Ejiofor played a revolutionary in the film Children of Men.

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29. Chiwetel Ejiofor had his first leading film role playing Nicky Burkett in Jeremy Cameron's It Was an Accident.

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30. Chiwetel Ejiofor made his film debut in the television film Deadly Voyage.

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31. Chiwetel Ejiofor began acting in school plays at his junior school, Dulwich Prep London, where he played the gravedigger in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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32. Chiwetel Ejiofor was born in London's Forest Gate, to middle-class Nigerian parents.

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33. Chiwetel Ejiofor has received numerous awards and nominations for acting, including the BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award in 2006, two Golden Globe Award nominations, and the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor for his performance in Othello in 2008.

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