55 Facts About Michael Fassbender


Michael Fassbender was born on 2 April 1977 and is an Irish actor.


Michael Fassbender is the recipient of various accolades, including nominations for two Academy Awards, four BAFTA Awards and three Golden Globe Awards.


Michael Fassbender first came to prominence for his role as IRA volunteer Bobby Sands in Hunger, for which he won a British Independent Film Award.


Subsequent roles include in Fish Tank, Inglourious Basterds, Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method, Prometheus and its sequel, Alien: Covenant, Fassbender gained mainstream success for his role as the Marvel Comics supervillain Magneto in X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse.


Michael Fassbender starred in The Counselor, Frank, Macbeth, and Steve Jobs.


Michael Fassbender began competing in auto racing in 2017 with the Ferrari Challenge.


Michael Fassbender has been married to Swedish actress Alicia Vikander since 2017.

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Michael Fassbender was born in Heidelberg on 2 April 1977, the son of an Irish mother Adele and German father Josef Michael Fassbender.


Michael Fassbender has an older sister named Catherine, who is a neuropsychologist at the MIND Institute in Sacramento, California.


When Michael Fassbender was two years old, his parents moved with him to Killarney in Ireland to operate the West End House, a restaurant where his father worked as a chef.


Michael Fassbender's parents chose Killarney because they wanted their children to grow up in the countryside, in contrast to the industrial backdrop of their previous German residence.


Michael Fassbender was raised Catholic and served as an altar boy at the church his family attended.


Michael Fassbender attended Fossa National School near Killarney and St Brendan's College in Killarney itself.


Michael Fassbender decided that he wanted to be an actor at age 17 when he was cast in a play.


Michael Fassbender played the character of Azazeal in both series of Hex on Sky One and starred as the main character in the music video for the song "Blind Pilots" by the British band The Cooper Temple Clause.


Michael Fassbender played Jonathan Harker in a ten-part radio serialisation of Dracula produced by BBC Northern Ireland and broadcast in the Book at Bedtime series between 24 November and 5 December 2003.


Michael Fassbender was seen in early 2004 in a Guinness television commercial, The Quarrel, playing a man who swims across the ocean from Ireland to apologise personally to his brother in New York; this commercial won a gold medal at the 2005 FAB Awards.


Michael Fassbender appeared in Angel, about the rise and fall of an eccentric young British writer in the early 20th century.


Michael Fassbender plays her love interest, an average painter named Esme.


Michael Fassbender then made a brief appearance in Dean Cavanagh and Irvine Welsh's Wedding Belles as Barney, speaking with a Scottish accent.


In 2006, Michael Fassbender played Stelios, a young Spartan warrior, in 300, a fantasy action film directed by Zack Snyder.


In preparation for his role as Provisional Irish Republican Army prisoner Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen's 2008 film Hunger, Michael Fassbender adopted a diet that restricted him to 600 calories a day, weighing 125 pounds as Sands.


In 2010, Michael Fassbender appeared as Burke in Jonah Hex, a Western film.


Michael Fassbender portrayed Edward Rochester in the 2011 film Jane Eyre, featuring Mia Wasikowska in the title role, with Cary Fukunaga directing.


Michael Fassbender portrayed Magneto in the superhero blockbuster X-Men: First Class, the prequel to X-Men.

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The film was released on 3 June 2011 to general acclaim and financial success and promoted Michael Fassbender to being more of a popular movie star.


In 2011, Michael Fassbender starred in A Dangerous Method by director David Cronenberg, playing Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung.


Shame reunited him with director Steve McQueen and premiered at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, where Michael Fassbender won a Volpi Cup Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Brandon.


Michael Fassbender played the title role in Ridley Scott's The Counselor, a 2013 film based on the Cormac McCarthy script.


Michael Fassbender reprised the role of Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class.


Michael Fassbender co-starred in Slow West, a western starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Mendelsohn, in 2015.


Michael Fassbender played late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle-directed film Steve Jobs, which began filming in January 2015, in San Francisco, US, and premiered in September of that year.


Michael Fassbender became attached after Christian Bale dropped out of the project.


Michael Fassbender's performance saw him nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor.


Michael Fassbender took on the Shakespearean role of Macbeth in a film directed by Justin Kurzel, where he teamed up with Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth and David Thewlis as King Duncan.


In 2016, Michael Fassbender played Magneto in the film X-Men: Apocalypse.


Michael Fassbender next starred in The Light Between Oceans, based on the novel written by M L Stedman, and directed by Derek Cianfrance; the film began filming in New Zealand in late September 2014, and was released on 2 September 2016.


Also in 2016, Michael Fassbender starred in the thriller Trespass Against Us, with fellow Irishman Brendan Gleeson.


In May 2017, Michael Fassbender reprised his role as the android David, and played another character, in the sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant.


Michael Fassbender reprised his role as Magneto in the 2019 film Dark Phoenix, which garnered unfavorable reviews and had a commercially unsuccessful theatrical run.


Together with screenwriter Ronan Bennett, Michael Fassbender has formed a production company, Finn McCool Films.


In March 2022, it was revealed that Michael Fassbender was executive-producing a dystopian drama for Netflix, titled The Kitchen.


Michael Fassbender began racing in the Ferrari Challenge's Coppa Shell class in May 2017, finishing 15th in his debut at Mugello Circuit.


Michael Fassbender raced in the Challenge's North American division, finishing sixth at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


Michael Fassbender moved to Porsche in 2019, competing in the German Porsche Racing Experience and being the subject of a YouTube series by Porsche, called Road to Le Mans.

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Later in the year Michael Fassbender raced a guest car in the Porsche Supercup at Circuit de Catalunya and was involved in a startline crash putting him out of the race within seconds.


In 2021, Michael Fassbender continued to race with Proton Competition in the European Le Mans Series.


Michael Fassbender is known for preferring to keep his personal life private.


Michael Fassbender moved into an apartment in the Hackney area of London in 1996, and lived in the same apartment until he moved to Portugal in 2017.


Michael Fassbender speaks German, though he stated that he needed to brush up on his spoken German before filming Inglourious Basterds because "it was a bit rusty".


Michael Fassbender has expressed interest in performing in a German-language film or play.


In June 2012, Michael Fassbender told GQ magazine that he was dating American actress Nicole Beharie, with whom he had worked on the 2011 film Shame.


Michael Fassbender has been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the following performances:.


Michael Fassbender has received a Critics' Choice Movie Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and the Venice International Film Festival's Volpi Cup for Best Actor.


Michael Fassbender has received nominations for four BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and two European Film Awards.